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In-Person Fall Classes

The Yeshivat Hadar Beit Midrash in New York City is open again for in-person learning with daytime and evening options, with opportunities for both beginners and advanced learners as well.

Events & Classes
Project Zug

Registration is open for the fall cycle of Project Zug. Choose from one of dozens of courses, including our new offering "The Triumph of Life" from Rabbi Yitz Greenberg, exploring the value of human life and our relationship to God.

Torah Online
Torah Time

Torah Time is back for Season 3! Join your new hosts Ravi and Mara as they make their way through the book of Bereishit. Explore the collection below and stream wherever you get your podcats. 

Events & Classes
Hadar's Rising Song Intensive

Reach new heights in song and spirituality alongside Rabbi Deborah Sacks Mintz, Joey Weisenberg, and a team of stellar faculty and musicians. HRSI offers the opportunity to study traditional melodies and sounds, bring new music into being, and climb the ladder of song together.

Events & Classes
Maimonides Moot Court Competition

Are you or do you know a high schooler who loves to engage deeply with practical questions of Jewish law and ethics? Registration is live for the 2023 Maimonides Moot Court High School Competition, the premier program for students to engage with modern-day ethical questions using Jewish legal wisdom.

Torah Online
Sponsor R. Elie Kaunfer's Weekly Dvar Torah

You can sponsor a week of R. Elie's Divrei Torahs, with new insights on the texts of Jewish prayer, the Torah, and how together they reflect Judaism's deepest yearnings and values. Learn more below.