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Events & Classes
Hadar's Executive Seminar

Learn with Hadar and like minded peers on July 16-20 in NYC as we probe our textual heritage for meaning and purpose in our lives. The Executive Seminar is open to people of all learning backgrounds looking to engage in serious study.

Events & Classes
Summer Virtual Beit Midrash

Our virtual beit midrash is open this summer with an amazing selection of courses from your favorite teachers, with classes on everything from Midrash, to Halacha, to Jewish Thoughts and Philosophy. Classes begin June 26. 

Events & Classes
Yeshivat Hadar in NYC

Our Yeshiva in NYC is open and ready to welcome you back for some serious learning. Dedicate your summer mornings to learning Talmud with a havruta in our lively Beit Midrash, or drop in weekly to deepen your understanding of Tefillah or Hasidut. 

Events & Classes
PoP Online Introductory Institute
Join Dr. Orit Kent and Allison Cook for an online introductory training. Experience and focus on teaching techniques that support your students to thrive as whole people through the intentional design of havruta, small group, and even full group learning. This program is suited to both Jewish studies and general studies teachers.
Events & Classes
Project Zug Summer Learning Cycle

This summer, alongside our vast catalogue of classes, we’re offering a brand new course from R. Aviva Richman on Shabbat, entitled: "Always Already There: Shabbat and the Illusory Search for God." Create an account and register by June 4 to get started. You can either enroll in a course with your own havruta, or tell us a bit about yourself when you register and we’ll match you with someone new. 

Events & Classes
Hadar Shatz Fellowship

The Hadar Shatz Fellowship is an 8 month program for shelihei tzibbur (prayer leaders) to hone their skills, deepen their practice, and elevate their impact in their prayer communities - carrying the sacred responsibility of serving as messengers from and to their communities. Applications are due by June 12, 2023.