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Learning at Yeshivat Hadar

Looking to apply to our full-time programs? COVID-19 continues to limit how people can gather safely in NYC.
All of our current offerings can be found online, and we warmly invite you to connect with our faculty and larger Hadar network in Hadar's Virtual Beit Midrash.

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at the Yeshivah
Try out Yeshivat Hadar for a week
in our Manger Winter Learning Seminar
Spend a summer
in Hadar's Beit Midrash
Build our community of learning
in our long-term fellowship

Excited to learn?

  • Learn in a class that meets for as little as 1 hour a week or as much as 14 hours a week! Through deep engagement with content and skill building, part-time students actively participate in Hadar’s vibrant learning community. Students are welcome to stick around to keep talking about the question on your mind after class, or come early for minyan. Classes for the upcoming season can be found here.

Curious about taking your Jewish learning to a new place over winter break?

  • Explore the full Hadar yeshivah experience in a week of shared learning, conversations, and meals with passionate peers and a dynamic faculty! Geared especially towards college students.

Seeking intensive egalitarian learning and community?

  • Commit to a transformative summer of deep learning, shemirat mitzvot, daily minyan, and joyful community building with a cohort of passionate peers and dedicated faculty!

Deeply motivated around Hadar’s values, self-driven, and ready to lead?

  • Anchor our egalitarian mekom Torah in NYC through highly independent learning, daily minyan, hesed, and community organizing, from Elul to Nissan.

Not sure where to start?

  • We're here to help you find the right fit. Email Shira Mogil to schedule a call.