About Hadar

The Hadar Institute is a center of Jewish life, learning, and practice that builds vibrant egalitarian communities in North America and Israel. Our vision for Jewish life is rooted in rigorous and nuanced Torah study, gender equality, meaningful Jewish practice, and the values of kindness and compassion. Since our founding in 2006, Hadar has impacted thousands of people through our programs and content, giving Jews of all ages the tools to access traditional texts and live inspired Jewish lives. 

  1. Yeshivat Hadar: The beating heart of Hadar, home to our intensive, egalitarian yeshiva programs, immersive learning experiences, and online and in-person classes.
  2. Lived Judaism: Reaching people in the natural rhythm of their lives, supporting independent havruta learning, empowering and training Jewish educators, creating soul-stirring music, and offering resources for children and families.  
  3. Meaningful Torah Content: Print and online publications, podcasts, and videos that promote honest, relevant, spiritually resonant Torah.