Hadar in Israel

Hadar is the home for vibrant, egalitarian Jewish communities in Israel.

Hadar in Israel aims to offer a vision of Jewish communal life rooted in rigorous Torah learning, Jewish ritual, and social responsibility By moving beyond the binary of secular-religious Jewish identity in Israel, Hadar is taking on the diverse challenges, experiences, and dreams that make up life in this country through pluralism, humanism, compassion, and radical inclusion.

In order to accomplish this, Hadar in Israel is focused on:

  • Yeshiva: Offering full-time and part-time learning opportunities that promotes rigorous learning in an egalitarian environment that does not compromise on core values or quality.
  • Alumni: Supporting alumni by holding conferences and monthly events, and funding microgrants to foster grassroots manifestations of Hadar’s vision in communities.
  • Building diverse communities: Engaging greater numbers of people in Israel and, through diverse accessible opportunities, empowering and connecting communities that overlap with Hadar’s vision in its broadest sense.

To learn more about this work, or to sign up for programming, visit Hadar in Israel’s website.

Hadar's Work with Grassroots Communities

Hadar in Israel currently serves about 50 independent prayer communities throughout Israel. These are gender-egalitarian or partnership communities, which consider themselves to be both pluralistic and halachically obligated. The vast majority of them are led by volunteer committees of lay people. While these communities are a growing sector in Israeli society, they lack the support of the government. a denominational movement, or any paid or professional leadership. To meet this need, Hadar in Israel provides guidance, professional tools, networking, community convenings, and other support.

Hadar's Location in Jerusalem

Mechon Hadar
63 Emek Refa'im