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Meet R. Keilah Lebell, Hadar's New Director of Project Zug

I am Rabbi Keilah Lebell and I’m excited to introduce myself as the new Director of Project Zug. I am honored to oversee and grow this unique learning platform that brings Jews closer to Torah and each other through the enriching practice of havruta study. This time-honored tradition of learning in pairs can be transformational. It summons a dynamic interplay between two people (the zug) and a

72 Hours in Israel

Israelis still feel utterly bereft, confused, anxious, and indignant, and the support of the American Jewish community and its leaders means a great deal to them.

R. Shai Held: Remembering R. David Ellenson z"l

David was large, and no institution or movement could contain him. On the one hand, he was a committed Reform Jew, as he told me countless times. Yet on the other hand, if you cared about Torah and the Jewish people, you were part of his community, one of his people.

R. Elie Kaunfer: Showing We Care

I spent four days last week in Israel. It was the shortest trip to Israel I have ever taken, but it was also perhaps the most important trip I have taken here, for one simple reason: I was able to be with people I care about in a time of crisis

Showing Up in Crisis

I am so grateful that I was able to be in Israel for three days, Thursday, Nov 9 - Saturday night, Nov 11. Throughout the trip it became clear to me how much Israelis feel this is a moment of intense crisis, where so much is on the line - not only Israel’s secure existence, but also its moral character.

“You and I Will Change the World”

There is a tension about whether we should be focused on preparing students for the world that is, or whether we should be preparing students for the world that ought to be. Yet, I believe that Jewish learning gives us tools and the imagination to travel along that distance.

Thirty Days In: Reflections on Shloshim for October 7

When it first happened, we couldn’t help but be completely immersed in the emotions of those first days. We cried, we were silent, we were stunned. Thirty days later, somehow an acceptance of this new reality in which so many are suffering has become a part of our lives. Now I am wrestling with the question: how do we not become numb?