Announcing: Hadar's Advanced Kollel

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Learn more about the Yeshivat Hadar Advanced Kollel.

We are excited to announce the launch, in Fall 2019, of an Advanced Kollel at Hadar, which will add another layer to our already rich variety of immersive learning options. The creation of this Kollel marks a new stage for Hadar as an organization and is a pivotal event in the growth of the organization and our investment in our mission.

Through the Advanced Kollel, we aim to contribute to the next generation of serious Torah scholars, incubate leadership for Hadar’s vision for Jewish life and advance more broadly the thriving of Jewish life in North America and Israel. Members of the Kollel will further Hadar’s mission as researchers, teachers, educators and leaders, helping to spread Torah and grow vibrant communities of learning and practice.

The Advanced Kollel will be a learning track for students with extensive background, advanced skills and high motivation to pursue multi-year study at Hadar, for in-depth mastery in the areas of Tanakh, Jewish Thought, Talmud and Halakhah. Students will engage in serious and sustained Talmud Torah that is rigorous, nuanced, and sensitive to the full range of human experience. We will bring together traditional learning, the best of contemporary scholarship, and an eagerness to grow spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally.

A select group of students in the Kollel, who commit to four years of full-time study, along with additional leadership training and apprenticeship, will be eligible for semikhah from the Hadar faculty at the conclusion of their studies.

We look forward to sharing more details in the months and years ahead as this initiative takes shape.