Forging A Dialogue The Old-Fashioned Way

Thursday, May 30, 2019

We believe Havruta can change your life. Project Zug brings Israeli and American Jews together through havruta learning. Read Rebecca Raphael's May 30, 2019 article, "Forging A Dialogue The Old-Fashioned Way" in The New York Jewish Week:

“If you put a text between two people, it’s the fastest way to get them to a deeper, more meaningful conversation. When you ask the other person ‘What does this text mean to you?’ you begin to understand their values and what’s going on in their life,” said Rabbi Avi Killip, director of the Hadar Institute’s Project Zug, which pairs students from across the globe, primarily Israelis and Americans, for text study. “Chavruta (study partnership) is the secret sauce that allows people to facilitate meaningful conversation and connect in deep ways,” she explained. In the last year, more than 1,000 people enrolled in Project Zug’s nearly 30 online offerings, including courses about what it means to be a Jewish parent, the Jewish approach to charity and Bob Dylan’s Jewish journey, as well as an introduction to Jewish social justice and overviews on Jewish life cycles, the prayer book, Torah and Talmud.


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