New Hadar Books in 2024

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Enduring Jewish ideas have life-changing power. They give us the tools we need to build stronger communities and lead meaningful Jewish lives. That’s why, in 2024, Hadar is making a big investment in books.

Transformative Jewish Thought

Through Hadar Press and external publishers, we are proud to publish three major, new works of Jewish thought, offering groundbreaking ways of reading Jewish texts and tradition:

In these books, readers will encounter the moving argument that love is the forgotten heart of Judaism, a theologian’s magnum opus on the role and responsibilities of covenant, and an imaginative approach to interpreting texts that can transform our religious, ethical, and interpersonal lives.

Stay tuned for more information about book events and other opportunities to learn with the authors! 

Empowered Jewish Learning, Prayer, and Practice 

Vibrant Jewish living needs real-world tools. That’s why Hadar gives Jews resources to lead bolder, more meaningful Jewish lives - including these forthcoming titles from Hadar Press: 

  • The Devash Megillat Esther (Hadar Press, February 2024)
  • The Hadar Gabbai Guide (Hadar Press, Summer 2024) 
  • Come Closer: Reading the Amidah by R. Elie Kaunfer (Hadar Press, Spring 2025)
  • How to Read a Talmudic Story by Prof. Jeffrey Rubenstein (Hadar Press, Spring 2025)

These books will empower learners of all ages and backgrounds in their own prayer and learning, in their families, and their communities. The Devash Megillat Esther, made with support from the William Davidson Foundation and The Wexner Foundation, is a lavishly illustrated edition with commentary in the style of Hadar’s popular weekly Devash parashah magazine. It is the first of several planned new books for children and families, including a series for younger children on the weekly Torah portion. The Hadar Gabbai Guide is the first of a planned series of practical guidebooks for communities, including communal singing and lifecycle events. 

About Hadar Press

To produce enduring, life-changing Jewish ideas, we’re relaunching Hadar Press. This publishing imprint will produce Jewish books that are both scholarly and spiritual, combining academic rigor and religious inspiration for popular audiences. 

Hadar Press has operated on a pilot basis to this point. Our earlier titles include The Torah of Music by Joey Weisenberg, which won a 2017 National Jewish Book Award, and two volumes of Reconstructing the Talmud, by R. Joshua Kulp and R. Jason Rogoff. 

Early Hadar Press titles have been restocked and are now available to purchase on Hadar’s page or wherever Jewish books are sold.

Hadar Press builds on the success of Hadar’s trusted, innovative Torah content for all ages. In 2024 and beyond, we’re excited to continue producing meaningful Torah in a broad range of media and formats - from print magazines to podcasts, weekly Divrei Torah, videos and books!