Who We Are
Chana Kupetz

1. When were you at Hadar?

I was a year-long fellow from 2009-2010.

2. Where are you now (physically)?

I’m in St. Paul, Minnesota.

3. What are you up to now?

I’m taking care of our 15 month-old son Ori who has just gleefully discovered unassisted standing. In the fall, I’ll be teaching Hebrew and Jewish Studies at the Minneapolis Jewish Day School.

4. If you could describe your experience at Hadar in one word what would it be (feel free to elaborate beyond a single word)?

Transformative. Hadar came at a significant crossroads in my life. I discovered and embraced egalitarian Judaism, I met my partner and wife Avi Strausberg, and came into my own as an independent, free-thinking person.

5. How have Torah and mitzvot changed your life (post Hadar)?

Though Torah and mitzvot have always been a significant part of my life, Hadar gave me the skills to forge a more personal, intimate relationship with the Torah. At Hadar, I fell in love with leyning as a way of connecting to the text and I was challenged to move from a passive receiver of Judaism to an active participant and teacher.

6. Is there a time this past year when Hadar specifically came to mind?

Hadar comes to my mind often as we’re living in a community where few people are committed to mitzvot and halacha. I find myself longing for that sense of community centered around Shabbat meals, davening, and a life steeped in Torah and looking forward to having that sense of community one day in the future.