Who We Are
Jordan Soffer

1. When were you at Hadar?

I was at Hadar from December 2010 through June of 2011

2. Where are you now (physically)?

I live on the upper east side of Manhattan

3. What are you up to now?

In six weeks, b"h, I will be receiving smicha from YCT and in August I will become the Rabbi-in-Residence at Carmel Academy in Greenwhich, Ct.

4. Is there a beautiful piece of Torah from your Hadar days that you keep close to your heart?

One day, over lunch, someone asked Rav Shai if he ever wonders if he's wrong? Does he ever consider what would happen if his theories simply aren't correct? He paused for a moment and then responded that of course he does- that is yirat hashem. But, this fear must be enabling rather than crippling- we must constantly work on our relationship and reassess our trajectory.

5. If you could describe your experience at Hadar in one word what would it be (feel free to elaborate beyond a single word)

Encouraged. It encouraged me to push myself, to learn more, and to do more and it encouraged me about the future of American Judaism.

6. Is there a time this past year when Hadar specifically came to mind?

Often! Recently I was discussing Rav Elie's class on the Amida, as a historical approach to considering personal additions to the Amida