Who We Are
Lindsay Goldman

1. When were you at Hadar?

I learned as a fellow at Hadar summer 2013 and returned this past summer in 2014.

2. Where are you now (physically)?

I recently moved to Washington, DC and am always looking to meet new people!

3. What are you up to now?

I am now the Jewish Experience Associate at the University of Maryland Hillel where I work on Shabbat and holiday programming. In addition, due to our diverse Jewish population, I am working toward pluralism while overseeing our different religious groups on campus.

4. Is there a beautiful piece of Torah from your Hadar days that you keep close to your heart?

There are so many bits and pieces that I use in my daily life how Rav Shai spoke about betzelem Elokim, how Rav Elie changed my outlook on the first bracha of the amidah but Hadar really taught me that halacha is the medium through which Jews for centuries have attempted to enact the morals and values we strive to embody in our daily routine.  

5. If you could describe your experience at Hadar in one word what would it be (feel free to elaborate beyond a single word)?

If I had to describe my experience in one word it would be enlightening. I was raised traditionally Conservative at Solomon Schechter where everyone was too afraid to speak about obligation. Judaism was optional and you could buy into as much of it as you pleased. Hadar changed that for me.  

6. How have Torah and mitzot changed your life (post Hadar)?

Since Hadar I have begun to not only be shomer mitzvot in a way I haven’t been before but I have entered into an honest relationship with Torah and mitzvot where I feel encouraged and supported to question and struggle with our rich tradition. This outlook enhances my relationships with my students and has enabled me to learn more on my own. I am eternally grateful.