Who We Are
Tamar Friedman

1. When were you at Hadar?

Summer 2012

2. Where are you now (physically)?

Currently in D.C. doing an internship at the House Foreign Affairs Committee. During the school year I'm in Philadelphia.

3. What are you up to now?

I'm a rising senior at Penn studying Political Science and Modern Middle Eastern Studies

4. Is there a beautiful piece of Torah from your Hadar days that you keep close to your heart?

I think one of the most beautiful ideas I took away was from Rav Eitan's Shiur about how to not approach halacha as being in conflict with our gut feelings but rather to acknowledge that both halacha and gut feelings are real and need not be compromised. Instead we should strive to explore where they appear to be in conflict with one another and work harder to see how they compliment one another, rather than contradict one another (Rav Eitan says it much more beautifully). 

5. If you could describe your experience at Hadar in one word what would it be (feel free to elaborate beyond a single word)?

It's really incredible to be immersed in Torah study all day. Being part of the learning environment at Hadar made me more intentional in my thoughts, actions, and practice of Judaism. 

6. Can you tell us a little about your microgrant work?

At Penn, I was one of the co-chairs of the Shira Chadasha minyan (a Partnership Minyan). Shira Chadasha in coordination with the Hadar Fellows and other religious communities in Hillel coordinated a three-part skills workshop series. We taught Torah Service skills, Shaliyach Tzibbur skills, and giving a D'var Torah skills. The series helped members of religious communities on campus to feel more comfortable contributing to their communities during services.