Avital Hochstein's Divrei Torah
Parting Words
Parashat V'Zot HaBerakhah
Avital Hochstein
Human Existence in an Age of Divine Concealment
Parashat Ha'azinu
Avital Hochstein
The Value of Forgetfulness in a Culture of Tradition
Parashat Nitzavim-VaYelekh
Avital Hochstein
"When You Enter the Land"
Parashat Ki Tavo
Avital Hochstein
Were It Not Written, It Would Not Have Been Thinkable
Parashat Ki Teitzei
Avital Hochstein
Where are the Orphans, Widows and Strangers?
Parashat Shoftim
Avital Hochstein
A Place of Their Own - A Place of His Own
Parashat Re'eih
Avital Hochstein
Mapping a Relationship
Parashat Va’Etchanan
Avital Hochstein
The Book of Devarim
Parashat Devarim
Avital Hochstein
Regarding Leadership and Spirit
Parashat Pinchas
Avital Hochstein
Between Pinhas and Balaam
Parashat Balak
Avital Hochstein
Death-Impurity and the Pursuit of Life
Parashat Chukkat
Avital Hochstein
On Illness
Parashat Korach
Avital Hochstein
The Story of a Developing Community
Parashat Shelach
Avital Hochstein
Walking in the Footsteps of the Rearguard
Parashat BeHa'alotekha
Avital Hochstein
What Unites the People of Israel
Parashat Naso
Avital Hochstein
The Seventh Year
Parashat BeHar-BeHukotai
Avital Hochstein
Thoughts Following Yom Ha’atzma’ut
Parashat Acharei Mot-Kedoshim
Avital Hochstein
Subject, Object and Reader
Parashat Tazria Metzora
Avital Hochstein
Turning Over a New Leaf?
Parashat Tzav
Avital Hochstein
If He Does Not Give Information
Parashat VaYikra
Avital Hochstein
Bezalel’s Leadership
Parashot VaYak'hel-Pekudei
Avital Hochstein
From the Burning Bush to Sinai
Parashat Ki Tissa
Avital Hochstein
Discourses in Clothing
Parashat Tetzaveh
Avital Hochstein
The Receiving Giver
Parashat Terumah
Avital Hochstein
Does the Majority Rule?
Parashat Mishpatim
Avital Hochstein
Reflections on Divine and Human Voices at Sinai
Parashat Yitro
Avital Hochstein
Let Us Not Long for the Desert
Parashat BeShallach
Avital Hochstein
On Belonging and Otherness
Parashat Bo
Avital Hochstein
On the Value of Stubbornness
Parashat Va'Era
Avital Hochstein
The Slippery Slope from Fear to Evil
Parashat Shemot
Avital Hochstein
Seeing in Genesis
Parashat VaYechi
Avital Hochstein
"Yosef Could Not Hold Himself Back"
Parashat VaYigash
Avital Hochstein
From the Sons of Israel to Benei Yisrael
Parashat Mikeitz
Avital Hochstein
Tamar's Choice
Parashat VaYeishev
Avital Hochstein
Jacob into Israel
Parashat VaYishlach
Avital Hochstein
From Dream to Prayer
Parashat VaYeitzei
Avital Hochstein
The Cry of the Bound
Parashat Toldot
Avital Hochstein
“And Avraham was Old"
Parashat Chayyei Sarah
Avital Hochstein
Father, Son, and Angel of God
Parashat VaYera
Avital Hochstein
"She Called God by Name"
Parashat Lekh Lekha
Avital Hochstein
Setting Limits in Order to be in Relationship
Parashat Noach
Avital Hochstein
"Flesh of My Flesh" or "Male and Female?"
Parashat Bereishit
Avital Hochstein

Curated by: Avital Hochstein


I am so honored to be writing the Hadar weekly Divrei Torah for 5777/2016-2017. I will focus on listening to the voices that appear between the lines (the white fire behind the black fire, if you will) and what these voices are truly saying to us about relationships and about God. My primary tool will be my own close textual reading, combined with the insight of the way that Hazal read the Torah.

נפלה בחלקי הזכות ונתבקשתי לכתוב את דברי התורה השבועיים של מכון הדר השנה. במוקד עיוני יעמדו מערכות יחסים, הקולות שבין השורות, (הלבן שבין השחור אם תרצו) ומה אלו מספרים לנו. עוד, תעסיק אותי כמובן הדמות המרכזית: אלוהים.

כלי עזר בסיסי יהיה הקשבה זהירה ושימת לב למילים, ועל פי רוב איעזר גם באופן שבו חזל בחרו לקרא את התורה.


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Bereishit Shemot VaYikra
Noah Va'Era Tzav
Lekh Lekha Bo Shemini
VaYera BeShallah Tazria
Hayyei Sarah Yitro Metzora
Toldot Mishpatim Tazria-Metzora
VaYeitzei Terumah Acharei Mot
VaYishlah Tetzaveh Kedoshim
VaYeshev Ki Tissa Acharei Mot-Kedoshim
Miketz VaYak'hel Emor
VaYigash Pekudei BeHar
VaYehi VaYak'hel-Pekudei BeChukotai


BeMidbar Devarim
Naso Va'Ethanan
BeHa'alotekha Eikev
Shelah Re'eih
Korah Shoftim
Hukkat Ki Teitzei
Balak Ki Tavo
Hukkat-Balak Nitzavim
Pinhas VaYelekh
Matot Nitzavim-VaYelekh
Mas'ei Ha'azinu
Matot-Mas'ei V'Zot HaBerakhah