Mechon Hadar Celebrates 10 Years
Thursday, Feb 23, 2017

New York, New York (February 23, 2017)—In celebration of ten successful years of immersive Jewish learning and community building, Hadar is hosting its first National Shabbaton from March 3-5, 2017, which will kick off with a Siyyum Celebration on March 2, 2017 in honor of outgoing President Jonathan Lopatin.

The Siyyum will also mark the completion of Hadar’s six-month learning project, which involved participants from around the world. At the reception, reflections on Hadar’s vision will be presented along with an inspiring keynote address by co-founder Rabbi Shai Held on What Religion Could Be.

Completely sold out, the National Shabbaton will feature three days of study, prayer, and community with over 600 individuals of varied backgrounds from across the country. In addition to a concert by acclaimed musician Joey Weisenberg, over thirty intellectually and spiritually engaging lectures will culminate in a Yom Iyyun on Sunday morning.

Co-founder Rabbi Ethan Tucker will introduce the underlying topic, What Judaism Could Be, highlighting Hadar’s invitation to Jews in answering this broad question through a multifaceted vision for Jewish life. The faculty of Hadar will each present a challenging aspect of this vision, ranging from What Torah Could Be to What Community, Halakhah, Hesed, and Egalitarianism Could Be.

Hadar will celebrate some of its most outstanding achievements:

  • Over 500 students have completed Hadar’s full-time fellowships, while over 1,000 others have participated in shorter immersive programs.

  • More than 1,000 individuals have joined Hadar’s online paired learning platform, Project Zug.

  • Hadar fellows have exceeded 10,000 hours of volunteering with vulnerable senior citizens have taught nearly 1,000 young Jews in living rooms across New York.

  • Hadar has funded over 100 micro-grant projects, empowering alumni to apply their learning in their home communities.

  • Approximately 250 rabbis from all denominations and Hillel representatives from 50 campuses have immersed themselves in studies at Hadar.

  • Currently Hadar reaches 20,000 people each year through its programs and hundreds of thousands of Jews around the world through its online resources, which have surpassed a million downloads.

“When we thought how to best mark Hadar’s 10th year, it became clear very quickly that a learning project involving people learning at all levels was the best way,” said Rabbi Elie Kaunfer, president and CEO of Hadar. “Our celebration marks the completion of our learning thus far and sets us on the path forward for the next 10 years.”

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