Hadar to Run Moot Beit Din Programs
Wednesday, Sep 11, 2019

The Hadar Institute is proud and excited to assume responsibility for two inspiring Moot Beit Din programs. With full financial support of the Maimonides Fund, Hadar is honored to facilitate and grow these programs on both the high school and collegiate levels.

“Both college and high school Moot Beit Din programs feed Hadar’s mission of applying Torah meaningfully to the world around us,” said Rabbi Avi Killip, Hadar’s VP of Strategy and Programs, “They offer students the opportunity to engage deeply with our tradition through halakhic texts and beyond, mining them for wisdom that is relevant and learning the skills to incorporate our tradition’s texts into their lives today.” 

These programs offer a unique opportunity for students to engage in halakhic debate and apply traditional Jewish texts to contemporary issues. Participants do extensive research on a topic, and create a written decision and oral argument based on rabbinic sources. They then present their ruling to a diverse panel of judges, who make a halakhic ruling. Each competition includes a Shabbaton.

“We are proud to support Moot Beit Din and to enable more students to benefit from the intellectually rigorous, in-depth Jewish learning it provides,” said Maimonides Fund President Mark Charendoff. “These programs offer the opportunity for students to engage in debate and apply traditional and modern Jewish texts to contemporary issues.”

The high school Moot Beit Din, which has been run by Prizmah in recent years, has found a new home at Hadar:

“The Prizmah team is thrilled that Hadar Institute will take over the leadership of Moot Beit Din with the generous support of the Maimonides Fund,” said Paul Bernstein, CEO, Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools. “From the first competition in 2001, to its expansion under RAVSAK and transition to Prizmah, Moot Beit Din has inspired hundreds of high school students to apply Jewish law to the complex challenges of our day. We are delighted to partner with Hadar as they grow the program, and to ensure that Moot Beit Din continues to serve the widest audience in the Prizmah Jewish day school network.”

The Collegiate Moot Beit Din, inspired by the high school competition, was founded in 2017 through Princeton’s Center for Jewish Life. With leadership and operations from Hadar, the program’s student founder will continue to lead the student committee and Princeton will host the collegiate competition again this year:

“Princeton Hillel is proud to have launched and hosted the Collegiate Moot Beit Din (CMBD) through our Co-Create incubator,” said Rabbi Julie Roth, Executive Director at Princeton’s Center for Jewish Life, “This program was the vision of junior Abe Waserstein, whose creativity, energy, and prior experience grew this project from 15 to 60 participants in one year. Hadar is the perfect partner to foster the continued growth and success of this international Jewish educational competition.”

By coming under the leadership of Hadar with access to Hadar’s faculty, both the high school and college level Moot Beit Din programs have a new opportunity to grow in both breadth and depth of learning.

Hadar has launched a national search for a top leader and educator to become the Director of the Moot Beit Din Programs. Candidates can apply here.

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