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Wednesday, Nov 05, 2014

Hadar is proud to introduce you to the new The website is now a powerful, intuitive tool for accessing Torah and tefillah in new ways, combining complex databases with a flexible user interface.

The Torah database presents over 400 resources, organized and connected topically. This number will continue to grow as we share and learn with one another. The material is divided into ten broad categories (Hesed and Tzedakah, Israel and Diaspora, etc), each with dozens of resources. There are also curated collections (Halakhah and Ethics, Between God and Humanity, Highlights of Hadar, etc), most of which have 6-10 resources. Source sheets are viewable as pdf's, videos can be streamed directly, and audio can be both streamed and downloaded. All the resources are also tagged and searchable.

The Tefillah database is a new tool for learning to lead services - for both first-time and experienced prayer-leaders. You can download an entire service (e.g. Kabbalat Shabbat), a section of a service (e.g. Ana B'khoach - Psalm 93), or an individual service element (e.g. Ana B'Khoach). Individual service elements have up to three types of audio: the chanted nusach, congregational melodies, and melodies native to other parts of the service that also work well here. The recordings have consistently high sound-quality and musical quality, and are produced by a diverse group of ba'alei tefillah - including an important contribution from the National Havurah Committee. In the coming months we will be adding hundreds of new recordings, including High Holidays, Festival, and Weekday services.

The 'About' section contains new descriptions of Hadar's work across the Jewish world - empowering lay leaders, educating teachers, transforming the experience of Jewish prayer and more - each with a profile and story.

And, as with our old website, you'll still be able to find information on upcoming programs and lectures.

It's our most sincere hope that this platform will support everyone looking for meaning in our tradition, and to make Jewish prayer everything it can be. Thank you for being our partners in this work. If you have questions about the website, please email us.

With gratitude to the One who graces us with the twin gifts of Torah and creativity,

The Faculty and Staff of Hadar

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