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Fall 2019 Classes

Intensive Talmud Class: Hullin (Rav Aviva Richman)

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 9:15 am-12:45 pm (Friday ends 12:15)
Oct 24-Dec 13
We will study the eighth chapter of tractate Hullin that includes some of the fundamental material of the laws of kashrut. The focus will be on the structure of the sugya, Rashi, and Tosafot. Please be in touch with R. Aviva Richman ([email protected]) if you are interested.

Blessings of the Weekday Amidah: New Interpretive Methods (R. Elie Kaunfer)
Thursdays 3:30-5:00 pm (October 24-Dec 12)
Are traditional prayer formulas able to express our own values/ideas of prayer? What do we do when we "disagree" with the prayer's content? How can we interpret the siddur in a grounded and traditional yet creative manner?

We will investigate primary sources (Biblical and rabbinic) that serve as background and inspiration for blessings of the weekday amidah to form an interpretive methodology that invests ancient prayers with more personal meaning.

Joyous Praise and Anguished Lament: Exploring 5 Psalms (in 4 Sessions) (R. Shai Held)
(Oct 31, Nov 13, Dec 4, Dec 18) 10:15 am -12:45 pm
The Book of Psalms (Sefer Tehillim) gives expression to a remarkable range of human emotions and postures towards God. In this series, we'll encounter the extremes—the searing pain of lament (complaint) and the exuberant joy of praise. In four sessions, we'll do a close literary and theological reading of five psalms: Psalms 22 and 88, two of the most powerful (and disturbing) biblical laments; Psalms 147 and 148, which imagine the whole cosmos joining a chorus of praise for God; and Psalm 30, which celebrates the experience of being healed from illness. Throughout we'll ask just whether and how we can find ourselves in these psalms.
This course will be dedicated to the memory of Dr. Max Kahn, z"l.