Maimonides Moot Court Competition 2021
Maimonides Moot Court Competition 2021

Sunday, April 25
12:00-3:00 PM Eastern



Registration is live for the Maimonides Moot Court Collegiate Competition! Powered by Hadar and supported by Maimonides Fund, MMCC is the premier program for students to grapple with contemporary ethics using Jewish legal wisdom.

Here’s how the competition works: Every year, teams of students compete by responding to an ethical issue before a panel of expert judges. Once registered, each participant will receive a sourcebook with content relevant to the 2021 case study to help ground their argument. These sourcebooks contain curated texts spanning the full breadth of Jewish tradition; ancient and medieval texts are juxtaposed with modern perspectives from our present moment. A strong case will engage multiple sources and bring them into conversation with one another.

All texts are provided with English translation, and each year many of our students have no previous experience with Jewish text study. Students can sign up with a group of teammates, or let us place you on a team. This program is open to all college students, and no Jewish text study or public speaking experience is required.

This year's competition will be held on Zoom.

2021 Case Study

Framed around a crucial question of human rights and criminal justice, this year’s case study explores “Ban the Box” campaigns, which aim to remove questions about criminal history from application forms. This initiative encourages universities not to inquire about the criminal histories of applicants during the admissions process. Should universities require prospective students to disclose information about their criminal backgrounds on their applications?

Students will evaluate this proposal through a lens of Jewish legal wisdom and debate whether colleges should require prospective students to disclose information about their disciplinary and criminal backgrounds on their applications.

MMCC Highlights

  • Designed for college students of all backgrounds
  • Present arguments to a panel of expert judges
  • All texts provided with English translation
  • Join our growing community of students from around the world!
  • Fully subsidized