Dena Weiss's Divrei Torah
A Shabbat of Your Own
Parashat Bereishit
Dena Weiss
On Being Good Enough
Parashat Noach
Dena Weiss
Pray Like Someone is Listening
Parashat Lekh Lekha
Dena Weiss
Taking the Beloved Son
Parashat VaYera
Dena Weiss
To Offer Rather than Obey
Parashat Toldot
Dena Weiss
Once Upon an Eyelash
Parashat VaYeitzei
Dena Weiss
To Be Angelic, Not Perfect
Parashat VaYishlach
Dena Weiss
On Being Present
Parashat VaYeishev
Dena Weiss
Storing Fortune for the Future
Parashat Mikeitz
Dena Weiss
The Power of Proximity
Parashat VaYigash
Dena Weiss
Kind to be Cruel
Parashat VaYechi
Dena Weiss
On Anxiety and Reassurance
Parashat Shemot
Dena Weiss
What is Smart is Not Always What is Right
Parashat Va'Era
Dena Weiss
Responding to the Wicked Son
Parashat Bo
Dena Weiss
Walking through the Heart of God
Parashat BeShallach
Dena Weiss
I Am “Like” the Lord Your God
Parashat Yitro
Dena Weiss
You Are the Perpetrator
Parashat Mishpatim
Dena Weiss
From Table to Grave
Parashat Terumah
Dena Weiss
Theory and Practice
Parashat VaYakhel-Pekudei
Dena Weiss
The Blessing of the Ordinary
Parashat VaYikra
Dena Weiss
Giving with Grace
Parashat Tzav
Dena Weiss
Generosity of Spirit
Parashat Shemini
Dena Weiss
Confronting the Consequences
Parashat Tazria-Metzora
Dena Weiss
Setting Ourselves up for Success
Parashat Acharei Mot-Kedoshim
Dena Weiss
Drinking Torah like Milk
Parashat Emor
Dena Weiss
With You
Parashat BeHar-BeChukotai
Dena Weiss
A Prince, Inside and Out
Parashat BeMidbar
Dena Weiss
Forbidding the Permitted
Parashat Nasso
Dena Weiss
Torah for the Average
Parashat BeHa’alotekha
Dena Weiss
Growing Where You Already Are
Parashat Shelach
Dena Weiss
Truly Humble
Parashat Korach
Dena Weiss
Recognizing Miriam
Parashat Chukkat
Dena Weiss
Going Your Own Way
Parashat Balak
Dena Weiss
Sharing the Message
Parashat Pinchas
Dena Weiss
Earning Our Privilege
Parashat Matot-Mas'ei
Dena Weiss
Conveying the Subtlety
Parashat Devarim
Dena Weiss
Heeding the Desperate Prayer
Parashat Va'Etchanan
Dena Weiss
Nurture over Nature
Parashat Re'eih
Dena Weiss
The Torah That You Carry
Parashat Shoftim
Dena Weiss
Help, But Don’t Enable
Parashat Ki Teitzei
Dena Weiss
The Unexamined Life
Parashat Ki Tavo
Dena Weiss
Taking the First Step
Parashat Nitzavim
Dena Weiss
Reveal Your Hiding
Parashat VaYelekh
Dena Weiss
Tasting the Torah
Parashat Ha’azinu
Dena Weiss
Choosing to Give
Parashat V'Zot HaBerakhah
Dena Weiss

Curated by: Dena Weiss


I am so honored to be writing the Hadar weekly Divrei Torah for 5778/2017-2018. My approach relies on close analysis of the biblical text and rabbinic traditions, with an eye toward what the texts reflect of the human psyche and what they can teach us about how to improve ourselves, our relationships with God, and one another.



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Bereishit Shemot VaYikra
Noah Va'Era Tzav
Lekh Lekha Bo Shemini
VaYera BeShallah Tazria
Hayyei Sarah Yitro Metzora
Toldot Mishpatim Tazria-Metzora
VaYeitzei Terumah Acharei Mot
VaYishlah Tetzaveh Kedoshim
VaYeshev Ki Tissa Acharei Mot-Kedoshim
Miketz VaYak'hel Emor
VaYigash Pekudei BeHar
VaYehi VaYak'hel-Pekudei BeChukotai


BeMidbar Devarim
Naso Va'Ethanan
BeHa'alotekha Eikev
Shelah Re'eih
Korah Shoftim
Hukkat Ki Teitzei
Balak Ki Tavo
Hukkat-Balak Nitzavim
Pinhas VaYelekh
Matot Nitzavim-VaYelekh
Mas'ei Ha'azinu
Matot-Mas'ei V'Zot HaBerakhah