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Hadar Winter Learning Institute - DC

Interested in attending the DC Winter Learning Institute, December 22-24, 2019?

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Hadar Winter Learning Institute December 23-25, 2018 Washington, D.C.



We are excited to launch our first Hadar Winter Learning Institute in the DC area, a multi-day immersive learning program on December 23-25, 2018, to be held at Milton Gottesman Jewish Day School. This program is for adults of all ages who are looking for deep Jewish learning, and we welcome participants from across the denominational spectrum, and from all Jewish educational backgrounds. Learn with members of Hadar's faculty, including Rabbis Shai Held, Avi Strausberg, and Ethan Tucker!

In addition, we are planning parallel programming for children, led by educators at Milton. Sign up yourself, or bring the whole family!



Virtue: Who We Are and Why It Matters

Jewish ethics focuses not just on what we do, but on who we are. Character traits are essential to living a moral and holy life. Join us as we explore such questions as: What kind of human beings are we asked to be? What is the relationship between right actions and right intentions? Why is law necessary, but not sufficient to Judaism’s vision of a religious life? Should we assess our leaders primarily by their accomplishments or their character?

Morning Talmud Sessions will be on the theme: Virtue: An Exploration of Within from Without

So much of Jewish life is focused on the external performance of mitzvot, with seemingly little attention paid to the internal life motivating these actions.  In this two-part morning session, we will probe and challenge this assumption, asking ourselves: Does God care not just about what we do, but who we are?

We will explore these questions through an in-depth investigation of Talmudic, medieval and modern passages that get to the heart of these matters.  On the first day, our focus will be on leaders and scholars and the unique challenges and perils that they bring to this discussion. On the second day, we will move on to interpersonal mitzvot that seem to have a more emotional character: loving one’s neighbor and the stranger as oneself, the prohibitions on vengeance, resentment and hating people in one’s heart.



Childrens' Programming available for K-5th graders!


We are planning parallel programming for children, led by educators at Milton. Sign up yourself, or bring the whole family!


Activities will include learning, arts and crafts, and structured free time.


Programming will be offered during the following times:

Sunday, December 23: 1:45 pm - 6:00 pm

Monday, December 24: 9:15 am - 6:00 pm

Tuesday, December 25: 9:15 am - 6:00 pm

Kids will join the adults for meal times.


More information to follow...stay tuned!


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Registration Information

Registration is now closed for the 2018 program.

Cost per person is $360, with a student rate of $180.

Children's programming is $50 per child up to $100—that's right! 2+ children only $100!

*Don't miss our early bird special through October 22* : Adult rate of $299 and student rate of $99 

Cancellation Policy:  Before November 1, 75% refunds are available. Between November 15 and December 1, 50% refunds are available. After December 1, we are sorry, but we cannot refund payments. We recognize that from time to time extenuating circumstances present themselves. Please let us know if this is the case and we will work on ensuring you are able to cancel your registration without financial loss. Please note that refunds may take up to two weeks to process. We appreciate your patience.