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Learning at Hadar is intellectually stimulating, religiously relevant, and spiritually alive. Join a community that asks honest, hard questions—and finds creative, unexpected wisdom in our sources and tradition—a community where we learn together not just to become smarter or wiser—but also better people.

If you have an hour, an evening, a day, a week, a summer, or a year—you can spend it with Hadar. Below you'll find a range of opportunities.


Upcoming Events Yeshivat Hadar Weeklong Seminars

Short-term programs by Hadar in NYC, Boston, and DC Year-long program and Summer Beit Midrash Includes our Executive Seminar, Singing Communities Intensive, and Manger Winter Learning Seminar


 Community Beit Midrash




Project Zug


Open evening study time, partnered with other NYC institutions of Jewish learning 
Online learning in havruta / pairs


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ישיבת הדר

Ongoing classes throughout the year
(Starting October, January, and June)
   מידע על ישיבת הדר בעברית


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