Learn Virtually
Pre-Pesah Mini Yom Iyyun

Sunday, April 5, 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Join us for an amazing day of virtual communal learning, led by Hadar Faculty, before we head into Pesah. Together we'll listen to an Introduction and D'rash before retreating into individual breakout sessions. We'll finish off the morning with a group Plenary Session and closing.

Cost: $18

10:00 - 10:30 am      Introduction and D'rash

  • Mah Nishtanah HaPesach HaZeh: Reflections on Entering Passover in a Time of Upheaval
    Rabbi Shai Held
    As Pesah, the Festival of our Liberation, approaches, many of us are feeling anything but liberated. We are scared, anxious, worried, and forced to live with a tremendous degree of uncertainty. In this opening session, Rabbi Shai Held will share ethical, spiritual, and theological reflections on Pesah in a time of pandemic and about the crises we face as a country both in this moment and going forward.

10:35 - 11:20 am      Breakout group sessions with 2 Hadar faculty

  • This is My God: Mirrors, Diapers, and Where Redemption Happens
    Rabbi Tali Adler
    When we think of the Exodus from Egypt certain symbols immediately come to mind: blood, frogs, the split sea, and the burning bush. These symbols are awe-inspiring, but they are also only part of the story. In this session we'll explore Biblical and rabbinic texts that take a different view of slavery and the Exodus, focusing on private family moments rather than plagues and national salvation. We'll ask ourselves what's at the stake in the way we tell the story of Yetziat Mitzrayim and what a seder that centers a different narrative of salvation might look like.
  • The Necessity of Exile or, Why Backpacking Is A Good Thing
    Rabbi Avi Strausberg
    Often, we think of exile as something to avoid but from the outset, the experience of exile has been and continues to be key to Jewish identity formation. In this session, we'll explore a range of Jewish texts on exile in order to reflect on the role of travel and journeys in our own identity formation. How far do we have to go in order to find ourselves?

11:25 - 12:15 pm      Plenary Session

  • Can People Change? The Haggadah and Self-Transformation
    Rabbi Elie Kaunfer
    The Haggadah is an opportunity to tell our story, as a people and as individuals. But can people really change? What parts of us remain forever, even as we grow? How does one of the core debates of the Haggadah wrestle with this question? We will explore these questions and more through a close examination of the argument of the Sages read on Seder night.

12:15 - 12:30 pm      Closing remarks by Rabbi Avi Strausberg, Going At It Alone, Together


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