Summer Kickoff and Lecture Series, 2019
Summer Kickoff and Lecture Series, 2019

Summer Kickoff


Tuesday, June 18: Summer Kickoff with Dena Weiss

When Good Torah Happens to Bad People 

Hadar's annual summer kickoff is a highlight of the calendar. 

The Torah is a complicated tool. Sometimes, the Torah appears more successful in molding us as God's people: like God, close to God, and good to one another. But, sometimes Torah encourages or enables negative aspects of individuals to come to the fore, often with bad repercussions for society. And sometimes people who do not represent God's values come to represent God's Torah. Together, we'll think deeply about the question of whether bad people can produce good Torah or whether good Torah can produce bad people. How are we to relate to Torah that has a tainted pedigree and how do we love a Torah that doesn't always produce the good that we expect?


Tuesday, June 25: Rabbi Avital Hochstein

Dangerous Torah in the Holy Land

Together, we will explore some of the dangers and opportunities of Torah in the Holy Land. We will consider questions such as: is there any room for Torah in a modern day state? Does Torah help us or hinder us in achieving the goal "to be a free people in our land”?


Tuesday, July 9: Rabbis Shai Held and Ethan Tucker 

Double Edged Torah: Texts and Ideas that Redeem and Destroy

For many of us, commitment to Jewish tradition inevitably engenders tension and compromise. The voices of the past often seem to conflict with our modern moral compasses. The Torah that is central to our lives can also be dehumanizing to others. How should we approach these points of tension? Can the contemporary Jew live a coherent, consistent life? Or are we fated to endure apologetics and concessions? Come out to our final Summer Lecture Series where Rabbis Shai Held and Ethan Tucker will discuss and debate their divergent approaches to these questions and try to reconcile (or not) a cherished tradition with a resolute modern sensibility.