Introductory Skills Building: Talmud Arvei Pesahim

Rabbi Tali Adler
In Person
Date and Time
Daily on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 9:15 AM until Thu, Apr 11 2024
Yeshivat Hadar
Sliding Scale $108-$1800


 How did the Seder come to be?  Why is it so important to have four cups of wine? In what ways does the intricacy of ritual at home substitute for offering the Korban Pesah?  We’ll study core passages from the tenth chapter of Pesahim to delve into these questions and beyond, and prepare for a more meaningful Seder.

Introductory Talmud is intended for students who are able to decode Hebrew and with enough understanding of Hebrew grammar to independently look up words in the dictionary. The class will focus on developing basic skills in understanding Talmudic passages, such as punctuation, translation, and describing the back-and-forth of the argument. (Please note: This class meets three days a week. Students placed in Introductory Talmud are invited to participate in Making Sense of Jewish Practice: An Introduction to Practical Halakhah on Thursday mornings.)

Learning Mode: In-person Talmud at Hadar is designed for a range of backgrounds, but requires a minimal proficiency in Hebrew in order to participate. Due to the intensity of the commitment and focus on havruta, there is a short application process to ensure that this class is a good fit. Please be in touch with Dena Weiss with any questions ([email protected]).

Faculty Bio

Rabbi Tali Adler

R. Tali Adler is faculty at Hadar. A musmekhet of Yeshivat Maharat and alumna of Stern College for Women, R. Adler has studied at a number of institutions including Hadar, Drisha, and Midreshet HaRova.

Skills-building Talmud: Arvei Pesahim (Introductory and Intermediate)