Skills Building Halakhah: Hilkhot Shabbat

Rabbi Miriam-Simma Walfish
In Person
Date and Time
3:30 - 6:00 PM Eastern
Jun 17-Aug 8 2024
Sliding Scale: $36-$180


The laws of Shabbat provide a structure and container that defines the time as sacred. Each week, we will tackle a different area of Shabbat law by delving into a few key se’ifim (paragraphs) of the Shulkhan Arukh, learning how to understand this foundational code of Jewish law. Throughout the class, we will explore the underlying values of the key terms and concepts: surfacing tensions and disputes that get at what each area of law is really all about.  Prerequisite: Ability to read and translate modern or Rabbinic Hebrew.

Learning Mode: This class is designed for students who are comfortable working through Hebrew at the Intermediate level with a havruta, dictionaries, and faculty assistance. Translations will not be made available, and students should be excited to work through the text independently or with a havruta for a significant amount of time.


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Rabbi Miriam-Simma Walfish
Rabbi Miriam-Simma Walfish

R. Miriam-Simma Walfish is faculty at Hadar and a Senior Coach for Pedagogy of Partnership. She holds a PhD in Rabbinics from Harvard University and has published several articles, including, "Upending the Curse of Eve: Reframing Maternal Breastfeeding in BT Ketubot" (2017).

Hilkhot Shabbat: Method and Meaning
with Rabbi Miriam-Simma Walfish

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