Hadar Learning and Volunteering Program in Israel

Hadar is running a 2-week program for young adults to volunteer and learn in Jerusalem from December 25 - January 7. We’ll spend our time learning in Hadar’s Beit Midrash at Hadar Israel as well as volunteering in the community. Shabbatot will be spent together with members of the Hadar Israel community for davening and learning.

Program Experience

We’ll spend our mornings volunteering in agricultural food rescue. In the afternoons, we will learn in Hadar’s Beit Midrash at Hadar Israel in Jerusalem. We will have the opportunity to learn together with Israeli peers and spend Shabbat together with the Hadar Israel community.


This program is heavily subsidized, and includes accommodations (in shared apartments with access to safe rooms), programming, and a stipend for meals. Participants are responsible for their own travel plans and will receive a 20% off voucher for El Al, along with a $500 travel stipend provided by Hadar.  


This program is open to young adults ages 18 - 30. 

Application Process

This program is offered in partnership with Onward Israel. Therefore, applicants accepted by Hadar will need to complete a secondary application with Onward Israel before formally being accepted into the program.

The application deadline is December 13, 2023. Space is limited and will be offered to accepted applicants on a rolling basis, so don't wait to apply!

Hadar Volunteering and Learning Program in Israel