PoP Update: Winter 2024

Dear PoP Educators, Supporters, and Friends,

It’s our pleasure to write to you during the heart of the school year! In this winter PoP Update, we are highlighting a few ways that PoP coaching is making a deep impact on schools and educators. Senior PoP Coach, Michelle Janosheck, shares her observations on the impact of coaching on teacher growth. You’ll also read about a new PoP program, Coaching Collabs, that offers coaching support and opportunities for PoP alumni.

It is our privilege to be part of these journeys in PoP schools across the country. We are proud to build on the ongoing work of our coaches, leaders, and teachers as we work together to mold the Jewish future in classrooms. Additionally, we look forward to welcoming new educators into PoP’s work as we begin planning the coming school year with current and new PoP schools. 

With continued tefillot (prayers) for peace and easier days ahead and warm wishes to you all,

Orit and Allison

New Program- PoP Coaching Collabs

Earlier this year, PoP launched Coaching Collabs, a new program for experienced PoP educators. We are delighted that over 25 teachers and administrators have participated in the first two cycles of Coaching Collabs!

In Coaching Collabs, educators sign up for a session to connect with a PoP coach for thought partnership around planning, reflection, and teaching practice. The sessions addressed topics including: adding PoP to new curriculum, using PoP tools in an inclusion classroom, bringing PoP to teen madrichim (counselors), and sharing PoP with a faculty. 

Hannah Greenberg, a third-grade teacher at Beit Rabban, reported, “Being able to talk through the PoP stances one-on-one was helpful. My coach and I were able to problem solve and think of PoP ideas to utilize with my students.” PoP will offer an additional Coaching Collabs series this spring. We are excited to be able to support the ongoing work of our PoP alumni!

Reflections on PoP Coaching with PoP Senior Coach, Michelle Janoschek

Senior PoP coach Michelle Janoschek is a veteran educator who coaches PoP teachers and school leaders. She also mentors PoP coaches. Her coachees and their students benefit from her educational expertise and deep knowledge of PoP’s philosophies and tools. We sat down with Michelle to hear how coaches help PoP educators thrive.

Michelle’s goal and passion is to deepen students’ learning by working with their teachers. “When students share incredibly thoughtful ideas that they have come to, it's because of consistent modeling from the teacher,” she says. “Coaching helps teachers model PoP practices with their students.” 

Coaches are thought partners. “We collaborate and learn from one another,” she says. “‘Now you've tried this, let's talk about what happened, and how do we shift moving forward?’ That's where the analysis, reflection, and revisions begin. Analysis of student work is another beautiful thing that comes out of coaching.” 

Coaches work with content. “I look for places in the lessons where PoP can be infused and areas where PoP strategies can enhance what already exists,” Michelle says.  

Coaches suggest specific PoP moves “I think about which PoP resources are relevant for a particular teacher, specific class, and topic. I suggest these tools and open up a conversation with teachers about potential ways to use them.”

Teachers welcome the depth of support that PoP coaches provide. “Teachers give so much. Having somebody from the outside partner with you and reflect with you about your hard work–that means a lot to teachers.”

Through her compassionate approach and commitment to “making education amazing for kids," Michelle exemplifies how expert PoP coaching inspires growth for teachers, students, and schools. 

PoP Impact Spotlight

To help us at PoP reflect on our own work, we contracted Rosov Consulting to survey our educators and school leaders. The data collected by Rosov’s researchers reflect the wide-reaching effects PoP has on educators, students, and schools.  One of the many findings indicates that working with a coach has been invaluable to educators, as conveyed in the following testimonials. 

“Working with a PoP coach has been greatly beneficial for fine-tuning the structure of my lessons and reflecting on how to achieve specific outcomes. Students have been more engaged and ready to discuss their ideas when we work within a PoP format that prioritizes interpretive skill.” - Rebeccah Hartz, Rochelle Zell Jewish High School

“My coach has been an invaluable resource, guiding me through some complicated K-12 Jewish Studies curriculum revisions and introduction of PoP to our school.” - Rabbi David Frank, San Diego Jewish Academy


PoP Resource Corner

As Purim approaches, we offer you these classic PoP warmups and new ways to adapt them for the holiday. Purim lends itself to the whimsical nature of these warmups. In addition, these PoP warmups offer opportunities for learners to engage with meaningful content, delight in lighthearted play – or some provocative satire! –  and build connections with one another.

  • Fortunately, Unfortunately. Use this warmup to ask your students to retell the Purim story!
  • Are You More Like…a hamantashen or a grogger? Queen Esther or Mordechai? A megillah or a mask?
  • This is Not an X. Prompt your students’ creative thinking (and even get silly!) by using a Purim object (a grogger, a megillah, a mishloach manot basket) for this warmup.

PoP Calendar of Upcoming Events

PoP’s Online Introductory Institute - Registration is now live!
PoP’s Online Introductory Institute will be held on June 24- 26, 2024. This 3-day online training equips educators with techniques to support students in developing sharp critical thinking skills and deep social-emotional capacities. Led by Dr. Orit Kent and Allison Cook, developers of this relationship-centered pedagogy, the Institute is suited to both Jewish studies and general studies teachers alike.

Click here for more information about this institute for new PoP educators.
Please email deena@pedagogyofpartnership with any questions. REGISTER NOW


Foundational Webinar: Designing Multi-modal Partnership Experiences
Monday, February 12, 2024 at 8 pm ET/ 7 pm CT/ 5 pm PT – Register Here!

Foundational Webinar: Supporting, Challenging, and Celebrating: Introduction to Unit 3
Tuesday, March 12, 2024 at 8 pm ET/ 7 pm CT/ 5 pm PT – Registration coming soon