Project Zug


Project Zug empowers Jews to take ownership over their learning through one-on-one havruta learning. 

Jewish learning isn’t meant to be done alone. “Havruta,” the traditional mode of Jewish study, is practiced in pairs. With two people, reading and discussing texts together, asking questions and listening closely, you can discover new meanings and build deeper relationships with the text and with each other.

Jewish learning can be magical - but it can also be intimidating! That’s why Project Zug offers ready-made, accessible courses that you and your havruta can guide yourself through, week by week. It’s easy to get started and access the rich, timeless wisdom of Jewish ideas.

Here’s the short of it: We believe that havruta learning can change your life. When two Jews connect through our shared tradition, the relationship has the power to cultivate meaning, joy, and belonging. We envision a world in which havruta learning is accessible and available to every Jew in every community.