Should We "Ban the Box"?
Should We "Ban the Box"?


December 28-30
5:30-7:00 PM Eastern

MMCC Winter Break High School Cohort


Should We “Ban the Box”?

This 3-session course will explore an essential question of human rights: how should an individual who has committed a crime be treated as they seek to reintegrate into society? In particular, we will focus on "Ban the Box" campaigns, which aim to remove questions about criminal history from application forms. This track is in partnership with the Maimonides Moot Court Competition and will prepare students for the high school competition in March 2021.

Who is this track for?

All high school students are welcome to participate—we anticipate a diverse cohort of students. Students are invited to join this track individually, or as part of a team of 2-4 students.

About the Maimonides Moot Court Competition

The Maimonides Moot Court Competition is the premiere program for students to grapple with contemporary ethics using Jewish legal wisdom. Our competitions are structured around a detailed case alongside a sourcebook of traditional and modern Jewish texts. By applying the texts in the sourcebook, students construct arguments to address the ethical issues presented by the case. Cases in recent years have addressed timely issues including tainted money, #MeToo, and artificial intelligence. Our flagship program is an annual competition, which will next be held on March 7, 2021.

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