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Pedagogy of Partnership: Reimagining Jewish Education for the 21st Century


What is PoP?

The Pedagogy of Partnership (PoP) is an innovative research-based pedagogy for the design of relationship-centered education, led by Dr. Orit Kent and Allison Cook.

We provide cutting edge professional development to 21st century educators and organizations. Our comprehensive model enables learners of all ages to develop the habits of wonder, empathy and responsibility toward others and Torah.

We also guide learners toward using concrete tools to improve their communication and interpretive skills and be better able to seek understanding, work collaboratively and engage with their studies as ongoing sources of wisdom and instruction. Leading learners in this way can inform teaching practices across almost any subject matter or category, offering a powerful Jewish framework from which to educate and learn.

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What We Do

We can implement PoP to meet your unique needs through our three main areas of service: You come to us, we come to you, or we come together.

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What You Get

PoP offers a range of services for professionals interested in using our model to support educational and leadership efforts. We also offer interactive courses, workshops and reimagined beit-midrash-style Jewish learning for children and adults.

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Who We Are

Dr. Orit Kent and Allison Cook are the co-creators of The Pedagogy of Partnership, an innovative research-based pedagogy for the design of relationship-centered education. Both are longtime teachers and teacher-educators who draw on their research and practice to help educators create learning environments that foster high quality Jewish studies.

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Bring PoP to your school
Let’s talk about bringing PoP to your school! Please reach out to Deena Messinger, PoP’s School Partnership Manager for more information.