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Update: Fall 2022

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PoP Educator Update

Fall 2022

We hope you are having a wonderful autumn! This is a busy and exciting time at PoP, as school life is flourishing in classrooms across the country. In this Update, we are delighted to invite you into some of those schools in our Gallery of PoP Learning. Learners across ages are using PoP to cultivate care for each other and the texts they are studying. We invite you to take a peek into students’ and teachers’ text conversations at Oakland Hebrew Day School, Hillel Day School, Rochelle Zell Jewish High School, and San Diego Jewish Academy. PoP also supports how teachers shape their classroom environment, as we see in the images shared by Chicago Jewish Day School teacher Lianne Philipp.

As the leaves change and the school year unfolds, we wish you a season filled with deep learning and connection!

Kol tuv, All the best,

Allison Cook & Orit Kent
Co-Founders and Directors
Pedagogy of Partnership


A Gallery of PoP Learning

Young Students At Work

At Oakland Hebrew Day School, Lisa Blumenband’s second graders work in havruta to translate and understand verses from Parshat Noach. PoP lesson plans and learning strategies help students work together to make sure they are understanding one another’s ideas. In this work, these young students view both one another and the text as vital partners.


Middle Grade Students in a Torah Discussion
Fifth and sixth graders at Hillel Day School in Detroit study Torah text with wonder and enjoyment. Their teacher, Clara Gaba, uses PoP protocols to empower each student for successful learning. In this exchange, students listen to one another attentively and share their questions about the words of Torah.

High Schoolers Connecting Multiple Texts
In this clip of student discussion, you’ll see a group of students at Rochelle Zell Jewish High School discussing several texts together. Their teacher, Rebeccah Hartz, finds that using PoP strategies in her classroom helps students learn to give one another time and space to speak, build ideas based on textual evidence and explore alternatives.

Teachers Learning Together
When educators learn with one another using PoP frameworks, the impact is felt throughout the school. Faculty-wide PoP meetings help teachers build connections with colleagues and work collaboratively across disciplines, while providing teachers strategies to take back to their classrooms. Check out these photos of the faculty at San Diego Jewish Academy using a PoP noticing and wondering protocol to explore a science text together.



Building Classroom Community with PoP Stance Statements
By Lianne Philipp, Chicago Jewish Day School

PoP fosters our readiness to learn through the use of stance statements. These reflect the core beliefs that we bring to our engagement with others and with the text. My sixth grade students at Chicago Jewish Day School dove into this work by making stance statement posters. Students learned about different stance statements such as “just as I want to be understood, so too do my partners and my peers” and chose one that spoke to them. Working together, they wrote reflections and made the posters you see here. The attitudes and beliefs cultivated by PoP are an integral part of our classroom community, serving to both inform and inspire students’ learning!






Applications are now open for the PoP Educational Havruta Pilot Program! This program is open to all PoP educators who have been using PoP for a year or more; applications are open until November 21.

PoP Foundational Webinars (for educators in their first year of PoP training or any PoP teacher looking to refresh their PoP toolkit):

  • Rebooting Wonder: Exploring Unit 2 (December 5)
  • Interpretation at the Center (January 17)

Experienced PoP Educator Programs (for educators who have been using PoP for a year or more):

  • PoP Swap: Sharing PoP Ideas and Experiences from Our Classrooms (December 14)
  • PoP Office Hours (January 22)

PoP School Leaders & Coaches Virtual Institute (February 6-7)


Be in touch if you want to share a glimpse of PoP in action in your classroom or school in future updates!

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