What is PoP
What We Do

You come to us.

Looking to take your staff and faculty’s skill set to the next level? We can train your team to effectively empower students to lift their text learning off the page and into their hearts and minds. How do we do it? We help educators modify and advance their teaching practices by guiding them through the implementation of our research-based approach.


We come to you.

Want to experience PoP? When we come to you, we can facilitate the implementation of the PoP framework as a model for your leadership teams. We will focus on learning in terms of the textual context and in terms of the method of study – and examine how these two dimensions are related.


We come together.

Wondering how to make your big picture education ideas into actionable and realistic practices? We can help. As consultants, we come to you, meet your teams, hear your issues, and work together to help your school or organization realize your vision.


What services do we offer schools and organizations?


  • Professional development: We can design and implement intensive programs and coaching for educators.


  • Leadership training: We use the PoP model to help educational leaders support their staff and faculty’s professional growth, and improve their programs. 


  • Stronger professionals: We guide educators in the study and improvement of their own professional practice, creating systems for ongoing professional inquiry.


  • Valuable resources: We offer a suite of PoP materials for educators  and educational leaders.


  • Culture cures: We help educational organizations build a culture that reflects their core values by strengthening the relational building blocks of that organization, and using unifying language and PoP core practices.
What You Get

People who work with PoP:

  • Become adept conversationalists and relationship builders.
  • Enhance their capacity to seek understanding, work collaboratively and co-construct meaning.
  • Develop 21st century skills such as critical thinking and complex interpretive abilities.
  • Increase independent and interdependent learning practices.
  • Foster a sense of responsibility and empathy toward others and toward almost any subject of study and conversation.
  • Engage with peers, educators and texts that serve as a source of inspiration, wisdom and instruction.
  • Expand their reflective capacities.
  • Grow and practice a sense of wonder.



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