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Halakhah Intensive - May 13-17, 2018

Halakhah Intensive

May 13-17, 2018

Program Information

Join us for a brand-new, multi-day intensive focused on in-depth study of a targeted area of halakhah.  Participants will spend full days immersed in learning sources in the original, as we begin with the Tanakh and the classical sources of Hazal and take their lessons forward to contemporary application. Led by R. Ethan Tucker and R. Aviva Richman, the Hadar faculty will guide this week of intense learning. Bring your deep interest in halakhah and your thirst for more knowledge.

This program is open to anyone with an interest in learning more about halakhah; excellent resource for rabbis, rabbinical students, and graduate students. 

This year's topic: Interactions with Gentiles on Shabbat.

We will focus on the concept of אמירה לנכרי and dig deeply into key questions: Is Shabbat meant to be a day of rest for all? Is our aspiration to get the world to rest once a week or simply to discipline our own behavior? When does involving ourselves with Gentile מלאכה enhance Shabbat and when does it detract from it? Is it demeaning to ask others to do tasks we could easily do ourselves? Or is this an opportunity for cross-cultural and interfaith partnership?


Hadar, meeting in the West End Synagogue, 190 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10023.

Davening and Kashrut


There is a Halakhic egalitarian minyan available at Yeshivat Hadar three times a day.


All food served at Hadar is strictly kosher. Breakfast and lunch will be vegetarian.


Registration is open!

Regular rate: $525, special: $450.
Student rate: $250.

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We look forward to learning Torah together!