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Jewish Professionals Institute - June 2019

Jewish Professionals Institute


"Nothing short of life-changing" - 2018 participant

"So many fantastic educators, and a luxurious amount of time in which to learn from them. This is a real gift."
- 2018 participant


Overview - What is Hadar's Jewish Professionals Institute?

Hadar’s Jewish Professionals Institute (JPI) opens up the world of Jewish wisdom through the vibrancy of the Beit Midrash, while empowering Jewish professionals to apply the lessons from this learning directly to their work. We aim to instill in Jewish Professionals a greater sense of connection to Jewish tradition, and a deeper feeling of responsibility and custodianship for that tradition.

Jewish texts are a wellspring for all elements of life, including organizational life. Whether our learning helps guide someone in the accounting department when facing the ethical nuances of a financial decision, informs a grant officer when making a tough decision about where to allocate limited funds, or guides a program director around the values they want impart to their constituents, Jewish texts are a necessary resource for today’s Jewish professionals.

  • Immerse yourself in Jewish learning in Hadar’s lively beit midrash and confront Jewish communal questions and challenges of the day.
  • Connect with an incredible network of Jewish Professionals, working together to build bolder, more ambitious, and more meaningful Jewish lives.
  • Broaden your knowledge and understanding of Jewish texts and learning with Hadar’s stellar faculty.

Our educators will include Hadar’s stellar faculty such as Rabbi Elie Kaunfer, CEO of Hadar and Rabbi Avi Killip, VP of Strategy and Programs as well as outstanding guest educators.

All learning backgrounds welcome!

Makhloket: Living Together in the Face of Difference

Living in community makes us vulnerable to others and dependent on their interpretations and decisions. The choices we make in relation to one another have consequences. Our differences regarding Jewish tradition and larger societal conflicts force us to confront critical questions about ourselves and our surroundings:

When and why do we need to sacrifice our personal integrity for the larger community? When is it appropriate to break away from others? What is the role of compromise, and when should we stand up for something we believe? Learn with us as we explore these pressing questions through rabbinic and contemporary perspectives and reflect on your relationship to community.

By exploring Jewish texts on questions of community, difference, and pluralism, we hope to offer participants the tools and language to navigate difference of ideas and values in their organizational and personal communities.


FAQs about Hadar's Jewish Professionals Institute

  • Is it for me?
    • The Institute is open to people working in Jewish professional organizations looking to deepen their connection to their work through Jewish text. All learning and text backgrounds welcome!
  • Where is it?
    • JPI will take place on the Upper West Side of New York City. Exact location to be determined.
  • How are the days structured?
    • Our mornings will consist of guided, partnered (havruta) study around the the theme of "Makhloket: Living Together in the Face of Difference" (See Theme tab for complete description).
    • Afternoons will offer a choice between multi-day tracked electives that offer Professional Development through Jewish Learning. Afternoons will also include slots to connect to colleagues and reflect on the week's learning.
  • What kind of Professional Development is Offered?
    • JPI brings an entirely fresh look to Professional Development by rooting it in meaningful Jewish learning. Our courses use Jewish texts and/or music to shed new light on old questions and develop practical workplace skills. Possible courses include:
      • Attuning Leadership: Musical-Spiritual Exercises for Organizational Development
      • Is There a Jewish Way to Ask for Money? or, the Torah of Fundraising
      • What's Jewish about a Jewish Professional? Finding yourself in your Jewish Organization
      • How to Divide Scarce Resources: Case Studies of Conflicting Priorities in the Jewish Tradition
      • Putting the Jewish in your Jewish Organization
  • How much does it cost and what’s included?
    • Early bird rate for this program is $280 per person if you sign up before May 1, 2019. After May 1, the cost for the program will increase to $360. Registration includes breakfast and lunch during each day of the program as well as two dinners.
  • Are scholarships available?
  • How can I find out more?

Sample Schedule for the Jewish Professionals Institute

Registration is now open for June 2019

Early bird rate for this program is $280 per person if you sign up before May 1, 2019. After May 1, the cost for the program will increase to $360. Registration includes two certified kosher meals per day. We have limited scholarships available. If you are interested in a scholarship, please contact