Maimonides Moot Court High School Competition 2023
Maimonides Moot Court High School Competition 2023

Maimonides Moot Court High School Competition

March 16-19, 2023

Pearlstone Conference & Retreat Center
Reisterstown, MD


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Registration is live for the 2023 Maimonides Moot Court High School Competition! Powered by Hadar and supported by Maimonides Fund, MMCC is the premier program for students to engage with modern-day ethical questions using Jewish legal wisdom.

Here’s how the competition works: Every year, teams of students compete by responding to an ethical issue before a panel of expert judges. In the months leading up to the competition, students are provided a detailed case involving a contemporary ethical quandary. They collaborate under the guidance of an advisor to craft a written decision and oral argument based on a provided sourcebook of curated Jewish sources.

Following a spirited shabbaton celebrated in community, students debate their rulings in front of a panel of expert judges at the Sunday competition.


2023 Case Study

This year’s case challenges students to explore how Jewish laws on the ethics of business competition can be applied to artificial intelligence in the workplace. The case and sourcebook will be distributed to registered teams in August.


MMCC Highlights

  • Designed for students of all backgrounds
  • Meet hundreds of students from all over the world!
  • Present arguments to a panel of expert judges
  • All texts provided with English translation
  • Unique extracurricular for college applications



Who is eligible to participate in the competition?

The competition is open to all high school students.

What types of organizations field teams?

In recent years, schools, synagogues, youth movements, and supplementary programs have all formed teams.

How many students compete on each team?

Student teams typically have 3-4 students.

Can students register independently without a team?

Yes, students can register independently of their school. Students who do so can either form teams amongst themselves, or choose to be matched with other students.

What is the program cost?

The cost is $1,800 for an organization’s first team and $1,400 per additional team. This includes all programming costs over the Shabbaton, excluding travel. If a student registers independently, the cost is $450.

What is the structure of the competition weekend?

Programming begins on Thursday evening and continues through Sunday afternoon. The first three days are dedicated to community building, preparing for the competition, conversations around Jewish learning, and celebrating Shabbat. The competition will take place on Sunday, March 19, 2023.

When is the application deadline for the 2023 competition?

The deadline to apply is October 21, 2022.

What is the religious atmosphere of the Shabbaton?

MMCC is a pluralistic program that welcomes students across the full spectrum of religious observance. Our shabbaton is often a highlight of the experience for students of all backgrounds. Pearlstone is under OU kashrut supervision and all programming will be in accordance with halakhah at all times. Multiple options are provided for prayer spaces to ensure there are appropriate options for everyone.

How can I find out more?

We’d love to tell you more about this program! Please reach out to Yitzhak Bronstein with any questions.



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