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Manger Winter Learning Seminar

Manger Winter Learning Seminar

Sponsored by the Manger Foundation

January 5-9 and 12-16



Hadar’s Manger Winter Learning Seminar is an opportunity to study in Hadar’s Beit Midrash and take part in an honest, dynamic, and multi-level exploration of Jewish texts with passionate teachers and committed peers.

IMMERSE yourself in a stimulating week of Torah study, prayer, shared meals, and conversation.

CONNECT with an incredible network of peers who are passionate about learning and are working to build bolder, more ambitious, and more meaningful Jewish lives.

BROADEN your knowledge and understanding of Jewish texts with a stellar group of Hadar faculty.


This seminar is designed for young adults, ages 18-30, with a passion for Jewish texts and an openness to learning, sharing, and growing.

2020 Theme

Every year we choose a topic to guide and focus the learning for the seminar. We will approach this topic from a variety of angles and explore the ways in which it intersects with our lives as contemporary Jews.

לחם לכל בשר
Food: Sustaining ourselves; Sustaining the world

The food we eat is at the heart of critical tensions in our lives. It can cultivate fellowship or foster social division. It sustains the hungry, but creates exploitative conditions for both people and animals. It is an undeniable source of personal delight and communal celebration, but, the way we consume has the potential to destroy our world.

In light of ever-changing technological and structural approaches to food production, and the growing awareness of the consequences of our food choices, what can Torah teach us about the food that sustains our bodies and souls, on a personal, communal, and global scale?

Delve one step deeper than delicious in Hadar’s Beit Midrash as we explore our textual heritage for meaning and purpose in the ways we relate to food.

Sample Schedule


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MWLS offers two parallel learning tracks that reflect different learning styles and preferences:

  1. The Beit Midrash Track is our tried and true mode of learning this week. It spans a wide range of text backgrounds, from beginner to advanced, with classes designed for different backgrounds, and the shared study of multiple core topics on the weeks' themes.
    If you’re looking for broad exposure to ideas, texts, teachers, and concepts, this track is for you!

  2. The Halakhah Intensive Track will offer an in-depth exploration of one particular inyan relating to the week’s theme, moving chronologically through Halakhic sources, from Mishnah and Gemara through Tur, Beit Yosef, and contemporary teshuvot.
    This track will engage with sources in the original language and is designed for those with extensive exposure to Jewish texts and learning who want to dive into one Halakhic topic.


The cost for the seminar is $200 per week or $350 to attend both weeks. Tuition includes access to the full range of programming, daily breakfast and lunch and dinner when programming runs into the evening.

We also offer a $50 discount for referring friends who attend the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

General questions about Hadar's Immersive Programming? Click here!

Is it for me?

  • If you’re a young adult, age 18-30, looking to deepen your Jewish life through learning, prayer, music, and community, then yes!

When is it?

  • Two Weeks! January 5-9 & January 12-16, 2020

Are the two weeks distinct? Can I join for both?

  • Yes! The curriculum for both weeks is based on the same theme, but the learning will be different each week. Attend both to gain an even more comprehensive understanding of this year’s theme.

How do the tracks work?

  • We offer two primary tracks or modes of learning throughout the week:
    • Most of our students will be in the main Beit Midrash track , which will include multiple levels of learning for different text backgrounds and will study various core topics related to our theme.
    • Our Halakhah Intensive track offers a more targeted learning experience for those who have engaged significantly with Jewish texts before.
    • Please see Tracks tab for more information.

How much does it cost?

  • The cost for the seminar is $200 per week or $350 to attend both weeks. Tuition includes access to the full range of programming, daily breakfast and lunch and dinner when programming runs into the evening.

Where is it?

  • The program will be held at Hadar's Beit Midrash, housed at the West End Synagogue, 190 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10023.

I have more questions! How can I find out more?


Please fill out the below form to apply for the Manger Winter Learning Seminar. If accepted, you will receive an email with a link to submit payment for the program and complete your registration.


Hadar is proud to partner with Hazon: The Jewish Lab for Sustainability to host the 2020 Manger Winter Learning Seminar.