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Summer Learning Retreat

Summer Learning Retreat

June 13-17

Registration is on a sliding scale between $36-$360



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Hadar’s Summer Learning Retreat is an opportunity to experience the rich and dynamic texts of our tradition firsthand. Guided by experienced teachers and joining alongside passionate peers, participants will immerse themselves in Torah study that is rigorous, nuanced and sensitive to the full range of human experience.

The Summer Learning Retreat is open to people of all learning backgrounds. No specific prior experience is required.



“The Text Demands Interpretation”: Entering the World of Midrash

Judaism begins with revelation, but it lives and breathes with interpretation. From the earliest biblical commentators to contemporary scholars, Jews have unearthed and unpacked the legal, theological, and social ideas that comprise the Jewish corpus. The Rabbinic tradition pushed the boundary even further and boldly assumed that the written Torah was insufficient on its own -- it needed an ongoing commitment to interpretation, to midrash, in order to remain vibrant, relevant, and responsive to contemporary moments. Today, this process of midrash continues to pervade nearly every aspect of Jewish life, infusing meaning into our rituals, music, and customs.

During Hadar's Summer Learning Retreat, we will plunge into the world of Jewish interpretation. Encounter the world of our Sages in all its richness -- as they interpret biblical law, narrative, and the words of their own peers, and as they tell stories to teach lessons and provide inspiration. By studying midrash as a body of literature and as a means of reading, we'll engage with Rabbinic tradition with new eyes and come away with a more profound appreciation for the Jewish love of reading, re-reading, and then reading again.



The rate for this program is on a sliding scale between $36-$360, which includes access to the full range of programming.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it for me?

The Summer Learning Retreat is open to people of all learning backgrounds looking to deepen their connection to Jewish thought and texts.

What skill level do I need to participate in this program?

Hadar welcomes people from a variety of learning backgrounds with a range of facility in text study. When appropriate, courses are divided into tracks based on prior learning experience and exposure to primary Jewish texts. By and large, all materials will contain both original language texts and English translation.

Where and when is it?

This program will take place entirely online.

Programming begins Sunday evening, June 13 and runs through Thursday afternoon, June 17.

Can I participate part-time?

We strongly encourage you to attend as much of the program as possible. At the same time, we recognize that the reality of the moment has made full-time Zoom presence a challenge and would still welcome you to learn with us part-time. You may indicate on the registration form how you will be participating.

Will there be recordings available?

Yes! We will make class recordings available to those who register. Please allow 3-7 days for these recordings to be processed.

How are the days structured?

Please see the schedule tab for an in-depth look at the schedule for the week.

How can I find out more?

We’d love to tell you more about this program! Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions.