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Teshuvah Seminar

Teshuvah as the Art of Self-Fashioning

August 8-11, 2021

Cost: $36-$180


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Overview: Hadar’s Teshuvah & Arts Seminar is an opportunity to harness the power of teshuvah through the lens of art. Guided by Hadar faculty, participants will devote their mornings to in-depth text study and conversation on teshuvah. In the afternoons, participants will put their learning into practice in one of three arts-based tracks.

The Teshuvah & Arts Seminar is open to people of all learning and arts backgrounds. No specific prior experience is required.

Theme: The process of teshuvah, often translated as “repentance,” has a great deal in common with the process of creating art. Both demand that we look beyond what currently exists toward potential possibilities. To do teshuvah, we must creatively and intentionally grapple with the self in all its complexity in order to fashion something -- or someone -- new.

As an annual practice, teshuvah always runs the risk of becoming rote. This High Holiday season, try something different by learning and creating at Hadar’s Teshuvah & Arts Seminar.



Our afternoon arts tracks are designed to help you process and internalize the morning learning through the medium of art. Each track will be led by a member of Hadar’s faculty and will generally include facilitation, group conversation, and time to work on your own art.

Seminar participants can select one of the three following arts-based tracks:

  • The Sound of Return with Joey Weisenberg
    Hillel taught: "One who reviews his studies 100 times is not comparable to one who reviews his studies 101 times" (Talmud Chagigah 9b). So, too, with song. Learn the spiritual art of singing the same nigun over and over, making the melody fresh each time. Apply this practice to the process of teshuvah, allowing us to hear the ancient sounds of the shofar and the traditional nusah of the High Holidays in a new way.
  • Reading and Writing Track with Elisheva Urbas
    Reading and writing can help us examine our own history and emotions, and envision futures we expect, fear, or hope for. In this track, we will read literary texts together each day, using them to frame guided opportunities for creative writing that explores and reflects on the process of teshuvah. Bring a notebook and pen, or plan to type.
  • Jewish Studio Process with Rabbi Avi Killip
    We will use the Jewish Studio Process (developed by Rabbi Adina Allen at JSP) as a tool for processing the morning learning and delving into deep questions about the texts and our own personal teshuvah. The Jewish Studio Process uses the act of visual art-making as a tool to open our minds and hearts. No art skill or background is needed and no sharing will be required! All you need is paper, some supplies (crayons/pencils/paint/pastels/anything will do!) and a willingness to put marks on a page.



The rate for this program is on a sliding scale between $36-$180, which includes access to the full range of programming.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it for me?

The Teshuvah & Arts Seminar is open to people of all learning and arts backgrounds looking to deepen their connection to Jewish thought, texts, and art. No specific prior experience is required.

What skill level do I need to participate in this program?

Hadar welcomes people from a variety of learning backgrounds with a range of facility in text study. When appropriate, courses are divided into tracks based on prior learning experience and exposure to primary Jewish texts. By and large, all materials will contain both original language texts and English translation.

Where and when is it?

This program will take place entirely online.

Programming begins Sunday evening, August 8, 2021 and runs through Wednesday afternoon, August 11, 2021.

How are the days structured?

Mornings of the seminar will be devoted to learning about Teshuvah through text-study with Hadar faculty. In the afternoons, participants will have the option to put their learning into practice in one of three arts-based tracks.

Can I participate only in the morning learning?

Yes! While we encourage you to stretch yourself and step out of your comfort zone, we are happy to enable folks to attend just the morning learning to the exclusion of the afternoon arts tracks. Simply select the ‘Morning Learning Only’ option on the registration form.

Will there be recordings available?

Yes! We will make class recordings available to those who register. Please allow 3-7 days for these recordings to be processed.

How can I find out more?

We’d love to tell you more about this program! Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions.