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Rising Song Institute - Jewish Music Residency

The Residency begins September 2019

Applications will open October 2018

Hadar’s Rising Song Institute is excited to announce the launch of the Rising Song Jewish Music Residency in Philadelphia in September 2019. Through this innovative study opportunity, emerging creative Jewish musicians and prayer leaders will develop their musical and leadership skills, study Torah, and deepen their practice of Jewish spirituality and deep listening, while together building and leading a singing, musical, spiritual community in Philadelphia. We will spin out both fresh and deeply rooted expressions of Jewish prayer and musical culture that re-energize the landscape of Jewish prayer and spiritual expression locally, nationally, and internationally.

The residency will be a nine-month, full-time collaboration and study opportunity for a small cohort of diverse, talented musicians and prayer leaders to explore the fertile interactions between music, community, and Jewish prayer. It will prepare change agents to cultivate grassroots musical movements and to nurture Jewish spiritual life nationally and internationally, across the full pluralistic range of Jewish expression.

The Rising Song Residency will be based in beautiful Mount Airy, a lush neighborhood in Northwest Philadelphia with a rich history of progressive spiritual innovation. Our artists will have ample opportunities to engage with the community through teaching, prayer, performance, study and participatory music-making.

Applicants accepted into the residency will receive a modest living stipend for the duration of the program. We intend for graduates of this program to become leaders who will reinvent the future of music as a communal Jewish practice.

The ideal artist-resident would bring:

  • advanced experience as a musician and/or musical prayer leader,
  • a love of singing with other people,
  • familiarity with traditional Jewish prayer and/or Jewish text study, and
  • curiosity and commitment to musical-spiritual creation.
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