Elul: Prepare for the High Holidays
In Hiding or In Plain Sight
An Alternative Model of Repentance
Dena Weiss
Isaac’s Binding, Rachel’s Tears
Exploring Themes of the Machzor
Tali Adler
Maybe There Is Hope?
High Holidays 5779
Avi Strausberg
When Repentance is (Im)possible
High Holidays 5779
Ethan Tucker
Taking the First Step
Parashat Nitzavim
Dena Weiss
From Ethics of Sacrifice to Ethics of Care
Early modern Jewish women on Akeidat Yitzchak
Aviva Richman
Self-Transformation through Honesty
Eliezer Diamond
The Cry of the Covenant
Understanding the Shofar of Sinai
Yaffa Epstein
Understanding the Machzor
A Look at the High Holiday Liturgy (including Selichot, Vidui, and Avinu Malkeinu)
Elie Kaunfer
The One Who Answers
High Holidays 5778
Aviva Richman
Structure of the Mahzor
High Holidays 5777
Elie Kaunfer
The Music of Tishrei
Joey Weisenberg
It's Not About You
A Dvar Torah for Rosh Hashanah 5777
Jason Rubenstein
Beyond Introspection
A Dvar Torah for Yom Kippur 5777
Aviva Richman
Embracing Teshuvah
A Panel Conversation
Elie Kaunfer and Avi Killip and Aviva Richman and Jason Rubenstein and Dena Weiss
Responsa Radio Episode 41
After a bad breakup, must I ask forgiveness from my ex?
Avi Killip and Ethan Tucker
Can We Really Re-Create Ourselves?
Understanding and Questioning Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik's Vision of Teshuvah
Shai Held
Return, Repent, Renew
What does Teshuvah Really Mean?
Yaffa Epstein
On Forgiveness
Shai Held and Joseph Telushkin in Conversation
Joseph Telushkin and Shai Held
How Can We Really Change?
Two Models
Elie Kaunfer
Repentance, Forgiveness, Personal Change
Entering the Days of Awe with Mechon Hadar
Elie Kaunfer and Shai Held
Why Don't People Ever Seem to Change?
(And How We Can)
Shai Held
Is Teshuvah Possible?
Jewish Approaches to Imprisonment and Mass Incarceration
Jill Jacobs
Going in Deep
Parashat Nitzavim
Shai Held

Prepare for the High Holidays with resources on teshuvah, forgiveness, and prayer.