Leaving Egypt Again This Year
We Were Refugees in the Land of Egypt
Jason Rubenstein
Telling the Real Story
Pesach 5778
Dena Weiss
Enslaving Ourselves
A New Look at the Exodus
Dena Weiss
Walking through the Heart of God
Parashat BeShallach
Dena Weiss
Responding to the Wicked Son
Parashat Bo
Dena Weiss
What is Smart is Not Always What is Right
Parashat Va'Era
Dena Weiss
Discovering the Wisdom of the Haggadah
Elie Kaunfer and Dena Weiss and Aviva Richman and Shai Held and Avi Killip
Stories and Redemption
Two Divrei Torah for Pesach 5775
Avi Killip and Elie Kaunfer
Responsa Radio Episode 10
Pesach 5775 Special Edition
Avi Killip and Ethan Tucker
What is the Story of the Jewish People?
A Close Reading of the Haggadah Narrative
Elie Kaunfer
From Slavery to Slavery
The True Meaning of Pesach
Ethan Tucker
Four Different Questions
A Chassidic Approach to the Beginning of the Seder
Dena Weiss
The Power of Crowdsourcing
Two Models of Leadership
Avi Killip
How Much of the Seder is Set in Stone?
The Mishnah's Vision of the Passover Seder and its Lessons for Today
David Arnow
Commemoration or Reenactment?
Parashat Bo
Ethan Tucker
A Night Without Fear
Dvar Torah on Pesach
Dena Weiss
The Journey and the (Elusive) Destination
Parashat Va'Era
Shai Held
Turning Memory Into Empathy
Parashat Mishpatim
Shai Held
Whom Do We Serve?
Parashat VaYakhel
Shai Held
Responsa Radio Episode 11
What Do You *Mean* I Still Can't Eat Bread?
Avi Killip and Ethan Tucker
For You Were Refugees in the Land of Egypt
Pesach 5776
Jason Rubenstein

Commemorating the exodus from Egypt—and an important stage in the ancient Israelite harvests—Pesach remains one of the most widely celebrated festivals today. Learn about this festival and the Jews' central story here.