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Ta Shma

Ta Shma, or "come and listen," brings you weekly recordings of recent lectures, classes, and programs with Hadar’s faculty. Hosted by R. Avi Killip, Ta Shma (formerly Hadar Institute Online Learning) curates the best of the beit midrash for you to listen at home, on the go, or wherever you are!


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Responsa Radio

Hosted by R. Ethan Tucker and R. Avi Killip, Responsa Radio is a podcast where you ask and we answer questions of Jewish law in modern times.


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Torah Time

A podcast that helps busy families make quality time for learning the weekly parashah together. Every week, Miriam-Simma and Adira set aside quality time for learning the weekly parashah together. They call it “Torah Time” -- and you’re invited to learn along with them!


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Weekly emails on the parashah 2022-2023

We’re delighted to announce that Rabbi Elie Kaunfer, Rosh Yeshiva of Hadar, will write our 5783 weekly Dvar Torah! These weekly essats offer new insights on the texts of Jewish prayer, the Torah, and how together they reflect Judaism's deepest yearnings and values. You'll also receive a digital copy of Devash, Hadar's weekly parashah magazine for children and families.


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