Halakhic Resources for the High Holidays
High Holidays 5781


As we prepare for a High Holiday season like no other, the lack of usual structures, rhythms, and communities that carry us through the prayers and rituals in these days can feel particularly disorienting. Alongside this year's High Holiday Reader and Spiritual Guide, this set of resources is specifically for practical halakhic elements of prayer and ritual to help navigate many constraints and new situations we are being faced with.


Watch a video on Sukkah Building from Rabbi Aviva Richman below, or watch on YouTube here.

Guide to Building Minimal Sukkah - COVID Edition

The Sukkot Guide below will continue to be updated with questions, answers, and suggestions.


Watch a video on the Tour of the Mahzor from Rabbi Elie Kaunfer below, or watch on YouTube here.


Watch a video on How To Blow the Shofar from Rabbi Ethan Tucker below, or watch on YouTube here.


Abbreviated Tefillah Resources for Download for Rosh Hashanah


Dynamic Guide to Yamim Noraim During COVID: Halakhic Questions and Short Answers

Note that the below document will continue to be updated with content, answers, and resources as we get closer to the High Holidays.
Copy and paste the hyperlinks into your browser (excluding the Table of Contents) to open the relevant resources in a separate window. Or, download the Abbreviated Tefillah Resources above.


Discussion of Halakhic Sources