L'Or HaNer: The Light of Discovery
Pesach Reader 5783

Elie Kaunfer, Avi Killip, Yitzhak Bronstein, Miriam-Simma Walfish, Dena Weiss, Jason Rogoff, Yitz Greenberg, Avi Strausberg, Ethan Tucker, Aviva Richman, Deborah Sacks Mintz, Micha'el Rosenberg, Shai Held, Hadar's Pedagogy of Partnership, Hadar's Children and Families Division

The first mishnah in Pesahim tells us to search for hametz by the light of a small, handheld candle. Why use a little flame and not a torch? It forces us to come closer, notice the finer details, and discover what might otherwise be overlooked.

With insights from Hadar faculty and activities for children and families, this Pesah reader is your guide for noticing, wondering, and finding new meaning in the holiday.

Download the reader (full color or printer-friendly), as well as each section individually, below.


L'Or HaNer: The Light of Discovery (Full File)

L'Or HaNer: The Light of Discovery (Printer-Friendly)

The Redemptive Power of Pointing - Elie Kaunfer

Hameitz and Uncovered Pits: The Limits of Ownership and Responsibility - Avi Killip

Who Benefits from Machine Matzah? - Yitzhak Bronstein

Imagine That! Empathy and Discovery at the Seder - Pedagogy of Partnership

Questions are the Answer - Miriam-Simma Walfish

Talk This Way - Dena Weiss

Questions: Not Just for Children (Hebrew) - Jason Rogoff

Midrashic Tales of Jewish Survival in Egypt - Project Zug

You Are Not Free Until You Are at Home - Yitz Greenberg

No More Miracles - Avi Strausberg

The Revolution Begins at Home - Ethan Tucker

The Inter-View - Pedagogy of Partnership

The Dignity of Choice - Tali Adler

Miriam’s Journey in Text and Music - Aviva Richman and Deborah Sacks Mintz

The Afikoman: An Exercise in Mindfulness - Micha'el Rosenberg

Between Memory and Anticipation: An Exploration of Psalm 126 - Shai Held

Haggadah Scavenger Hunt - Children and Families

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