Geulah Arikhta - The Long Redemption
Pesach Reader 5782

Avi Strausberg, Deborah Sacks Mintz, Elie Kaunfer, Avi Killip, Ethan Tucker, Tali Adler, Aviva Richman, Yitzhak Bronstein, Nadav Berger, Yitz Greenberg, Micha'el Rosenberg, Shai Held


Pesah celebrates the Jewish redemption story. And yet, our story can only truly be told as a geulah arikhta—a long, extended, enduring redemption.

With insights from Hadar faculty and activities for children and families, Hadar’s 5782 Pesah Reader will be your guide to finding new meanings and messages in this upcoming holiday.

This reader will help you reflect on our multifaceted redemption story, as we consider our Exodus in terms of its extended duration—from the earliest stirrings of our people’s redemption, to its place in our lives today, to the most complete manifestations of redemption that might yet be brought to the world.

Download "Geulah Arikhta - The Long Redemption" as well as each featured essay below.


Pesach Reader 5782 (Color)

Pesach Reader 5782 (Printer-friendly)

Kol HaMarbeh LeSapper: “Growing” the Seder Story Through Noticing & Wondering - Pedagogy of Partnership

Singing in the Darkness: The Audacity of Faith - Rabbi Avi Strausberg

Karev Yom: Singing in Redemption, Yearning for Integration - Deborah Sacks Mintz, Rising Song Institute

“God (Re)calculates the End”: Will Redemption Ever Come? - Rabbi Elie Kaunfer

Persuading the Powerful - Rabbi Avi Killip, Project Zug

A Tale of Two Freedoms: A Storytelling Challenge - Pedagogy of Partnership

Open House or Members’ Night? Two Models of the Seder - Rabbi Ethan Tucker

Telling God’s Story - Rabbi Tali Adler

Wine, Woes, and Writing Our Story of Redemption - Rabbi Aviva Richman

What the Seder Teaches Us About Food Waste - Yitzhak Bronstein

"Purify the House": A Festival of Spring Cleaning (Hebrew) - Rabbi Nadav Berger

The Exodus: Past, Present, and Future - Rabbi Yitz Greenberg

Sacred Lies - Rabbi Micha’el Rosenberg

Turning Memory Into Empathy: The Torah’s Ethical Charge - Rabbi Shai Held

Word Games for All Four Children - Hadar’s Children and Families Division

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