Tzafun - Hidden in the Haggadah
Pesach Reader 5781

Avi Killip, Yitz Greenberg, Aviva Richman, Avigayil Halpern, Tali Adler, Ethan Tucker, Avi Strausberg, Avital Hochstein, Dena Weiss, Elie Kaunfer, Yitzhak Bronstein, Shai Held


The story of Pesah is replete with hidden gems. The more we search within it, the more little afikoman jewels we will find.

With insights from Hadar faculty and activities for children and families, Hadar’s 5781 Pesah Reader will be your guide to finding new meanings and messages in this upcoming holiday.

This reader will help us on our quest to examine the values, characters, and stories of Pesah in a new light. Uncover the treasured messages within these pages -- whether hiding out in the open or buried beneath the surface -- to enrich this holiday and our foundational Jewish narrative.

Download "Tzafun - Hidden in the Haggadah" as well as each featured essay below.


Pesach Reader (Color)

Pesach Reader (Printer-friendly)

What Pesach Cleaning Can Teach Us About Building a Community of Radical Trust - Rabbi Avi Killip

The Bread of Freedom - Rabbi Yitz Greenberg

Finding Our Song in an Unredeemed World: Three Troubled Origins of Hallel - Rabbi Aviva Richman

A Joy that Unites - Avigayil Halpern

Passover Prompts from Pedagogy of Partnership

Ghosts in the Haggadah - Rabbi Tali Adler

Responsibility & Redemption: The Key Role of Iyyov in the Exodus Story - Rabbi Ethan Tucker

The Blessing of a Mixed Multitude - Rabbi Avi Strausberg

On Belonging and Otherness in Parashat Bo (Hebrew) - Rabbi Avital Hochstein

Telling the Real Story - Dena Weiss

Is the Pesach Story Eternal? - Rabbi Elie Kaunfer

Imagining Liberation - Yitzhak Bronstein

The Journey and the (Elusive) Destination - Rabbi Shai Held

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