Pirkei Avot
Power of Ten Siyyum

Dena Weiss, Jason Rubenstein, Ethan Tucker, Aviva Richman, Elie Kaunfer, Avi Killip

In celebration of 10 Years of Hadar, the extended Hadar community learned all of Pirkei Avot together at a pace of 3-5 mishnayot a week, concluding with a Siyyum Celebration on March 2, 2017. Many have the tradition of taking on the project of studying Pirkei Avot between Pesah and Shavuot. Pirkei Avot is filled with so many deep insights about what it means to be a Jew, a person of Torah, and a human being in the world. 

Each o the following podcasts includes the full text, a translation with explanations, and a short D'var Torah inspired by that week's mishnayot.

Click here for the full text of Pirkei Avot on Sefaria.org.

Chapter 1
Avot 1:1-3 (Dena Weiss)
(audio/mpeg, 16.42MB)
Avot 1:4-7 (Dena Weiss)
(audio/mpeg, 16.89MB)
Avot 1:8-11 (Dena Weiss)
(audio/mpeg, 18.86MB)
Avot 1:12-14 (Dena Weiss, Jason Rubenstein)
(audio/mpeg, 17MB)
Avot 1:15-18 (Dena Weiss)
(audio/mpeg, 14.55MB)
Chapter 2
Avot 2:1-2 (Dena Weiss)
(audio/mpeg, 17.98MB)
Avot 2:3-7 (Dena Weiss)
(audio/mpeg, 16.8MB)
Avot 2:8-9 (Dena Weiss, Ethan Tucker)
(audio/mpeg, 27.65MB)
Avot 2:10 (Dena Weiss)
(audio/mpeg, 9.44MB)
Avot 2:11-12 (Dena Weiss)
(audio/mpeg, 11.41MB)
Avot 2:13-14 (Dena Weiss)
(audio/mpeg, 11.28MB)
Avot 2:15-16 (Dena Weiss, Aviva Richman)
(audio/mpeg, 9.64MB)
Chapter 3
Avot 3:1-3 (Dena Weiss)
(audio/mpeg, 18.93MB)
Avot 3:4-6 (Dena Weiss)
(audio/mpeg, 19.39MB)
Avot 3:7-8 (Dena Weiss)
(audio/mpeg, 13.51MB)
Avot 3:9-10 (Dena Weiss, Elie Kaunfer)
(audio/mpeg, 13.28MB)
Avot 3:11-12 (Dena Weiss)
(audio/mpeg, 10.08MB)
Avot 3:13-16 (Dena Weiss)
(audio/mpeg, 15.75MB)
Avot 3:17-18 (Dena Weiss)
(audio/mpeg, 27.62MB)
Chapter 4
Avot 4:1-3 (Dena Weiss)
(audio/mpeg, 25.39MB)
Avot 4:4-5 (Avi Killip)
(audio/mpeg, 9.85MB)
Avot 4:6-8 (Dena Weiss)
(audio/mpeg, 20.06MB)
Avot 4:9-12 (Dena Weiss)
(audio/mpeg, 20.1MB)
Avot 4:13-15 (Dena Weiss)
(audio/mpeg, 15.48MB)
Avot 4:16-19 (Dena Weiss)
(audio/mpeg, 19.28MB)
Avot 4:20-22 (Dena Weiss)
(audio/mpeg, 23.94MB)
Chapter 5
Avot 5:1-4 (Dena Weiss)
(audio/mpeg, 21.32MB)
Avot 5:5-6 (Dena Weiss, Jason Rubenstein)
(audio/mpeg, 38.51MB)
Avot 5:7-9 (Dena Weiss)
(audio/mpeg, 23.84MB)
Avot 5:10-15 (Dena Weiss)
(audio/mpeg, 26.57MB)
Avot 5:16-19 (Dena Weiss)
(audio/mpeg, 22.4MB)
Avot 5:20-23 (Dena Weiss, Ethan Tucker)
(audio/mpeg, 31.47MB)
Chapter 6
Avot 6:1-3 (Dena Weiss)
(audio/mpeg, 28.37MB)
Avot 6:4-7 (Dena Weiss)
(audio/mpeg, 30.38MB)
Avot 6:8-11 (Dena Weiss)
(audio/mpeg, 42.67MB)