Responsa Radio Episode 1
Night Owls, De Tocqueville, Dishes from Sears, and Theater!

Avi Killip, Ethan Tucker

Ever wanted to know the answer to some deep and challenging questions in halakhah (Jewish law)? Join R. Avi Killip interviewing R. Ethan Tucker with questions sent in by Yeshivat Hadar alumni on all sorts of details of Jewish law.; This is a joint project between the Center for Jewish Law and Values and Open Quorum.

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In this episode:

  1. For someone who works night-shifts, how should they go about doing the morning prayers? Should they aim to get up in the middle of their sleep even if it is unhealthy? Or is there flexibility in doing the morning prayer at another time, or somehow catching up on what was missed?
  2. There is a halakhic concept known as karov l’malkhut, giving dispensation for some Jews to avoid some of the classic restrictions of making Jews distinct from non-Jews. How does this still apply in the modern day? Does this concept even apply in democratic and multi-cultural America?
  3. There is a mitzvah of tevilat keilim (the immersing of utensils in the mikveh / ritual bath) for bowls and such bought from non-Jews. But now, when most if not all of our utensils are mass-produced and bought from corporations, does this mitzvah even apply?
  4. Is it permissible to perform a show on shabbat assuming that there are no direct violations of shabbat for that person? How do factors such as who is coming?, are the audience paying?, are the actors being paid? How does the person’s career fit into thinking about this question?
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