Zokhreinu L'Hayyim: Memory and Promise
High Holiday Reader 5782

Tali Adler, Yitz Greenberg, Shai Held, Elie Kaunfer, Avi Killip, Beth Levy, Aviva Richman, Micha'el Rosenberg, Avi Strausberg, Ethan Tucker, Miriam-Simma Walfish, Dena Weiss

We are so often carriers of the past—the paths traveled, our personal narratives, the realm of memory. And yet our minds simultaneously dwell upon the future, the journey that lies ahead, the realm of hope and promise. In this Reader, we offer you opportunities to explore both past and future, reflecting on the memories and experiences we carry with us, and daring to dream of the yet unfulfilled promise of what the future may hold.

During the Ten Days of Repentance, we insert a prayer into the Amidah, זכרנו לחיים (zokhreinu le-hayyim, remember us for life). In these two words, we encapsulate the great task of these High Holidays. We awaken זכירה (zekhirah, memory), inviting reflection upon what has transpired to bring us to this very moment, and we direct it forward, לחיים (le-hayyim, to life), peering down the road, imagining what good we can accomplish, and what blessings we can aspire to, in the year to come.

By learning together during these Days of Awe, we hope to share in an upward trajectory, bringing our great past into an even greater future, and looking forward to a year of health, peace, and joy.

Download the reader (full color or printer-friendly), as well as each section individually, below.


Zokhreinu L'Hayyim: Memory and Promise (Full Color)

Zokhreinu L'Hayyim: Memory and Promise (Printer-friendly)

HaYom Harat Olam: We Are the Creators – Rabbi Avi Strausberg

The God of Hagar – Rabbi Tali Adler

A Passing Shadow – Project Zug

God, Our Mother – Rabbi Miriam-Simma Walfish

Make a Time Capsule – Children & Families Division

The Priest With Blood on His Hands: The Limits to Teshuvah – Dena Weiss

Going in Deep: What it Takes to Really Change – Rabbi Shai Held

Just Ten Days of Repentance? – Beth Levy

When God Taught Us to Pray: Lessons from the 13 Attributes of Mercy – Pedagogy of Partnership

After Death, There is Ritual – Rabbi Avi Killip

"Forgive Us, For We Have Sinned" – Rabbi Ethan Tucker

A Matter of Life and Death – Rabbi Yitz Greenberg

Yitzchak and Yishmael: The Arbitrariness of Our Fate – Rabbi Micha'el Rosenberg

Truth: Cast Down and Resurrected – Rabbi Elie Kaunfer

Beyond the Box – Maimonides Moot Court Competition

Worldly and Other-Worldly Dimensions of the Sukkah – Rabbi Aviva Richman

Welcoming the Ushpizin – Children & Families Division