Holiday Readers

Inspiration for the High Holidays and Pesah

Every year, Hadar publishes a High Holiday and Pesah Reader, which are available to order in print or download. Filled with essays from Hadar faculty and activities for children and families, these readers offer a wealth of fascinating insights, meaningful Torah, and fresh interpretations, and on the themes and texts of the holidays. Readers also feature interactive, self-guided learning materials from Hadar's Project Zug, Pedagogy of Partnership, and Maimonides Moot Court Competition, as well as musical insights from Hadar's Rising Song Institute.

Hadar's 5784 Pesah Reader, "Al Pedut Nafsheinu - Inner Redemption," is now available to order in print. Place your order by Friday, March 15.

Looking for More Holiday Content?

Hadar's Torah and Tefillah Library is full of useful resources for the entire Jewish calendar, from Elul to Av. Don't wait to start exploring!